Itodo restores hope and life to a supposed “mad man”

Life has not been easy with a lot of humans and we seem to be encumbered with finding OUR OWN DAILY BREAD and in doing so, we CARE LESS of other people and their issues, but  that is not the case for ITODO SAMUEL ANTHONY . Read and follow the story of how he helped a supposed “mad man”.

It all began with a  facebook update…and a determination to be different and to make impact as against usual.
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#21 Quote

I see droplets of hope,
showers of peace,
a downpour of overflowing love,
yet in hopelessness we wallow in unrest, anguish and hate.

I see flashes of light,
beads of sweat;
as they run down my cheek
in her walk with bliss,
yet we’re bound in the dark,
our gain never to be seen.

I see all
with my mind’s eyes I see
and pray you see it too.

Hearty Scribbles


Today I woke up not smiling.
I woke up grieved in my spirit, I did all what I had to do, I prayed, did my devotion and studied my bible, then went about my morning chores.

I did my chores without humming a single line from any of my favourite songs, it was unlikely.

I wasn’t smiling.
I wasn’t happy.
I wasn’t sad but I was grieved.

Sometimes, life hits us and pushes us to a corner. Making us sit, ponder and wonder why you should be in some sort of situation that is really deep and you fear it is deeper than you can withstand.

You fear you are drowning and just wish someone would understand that you really need a lifesaver at that moment.

When the river of life comes like a storm, you wade through the storm with all the strength you have and soon you are left with little or no strength to continue the wading.

The wee hours of this morning was hot, not just the weather, but inside me, I felt a certain kind of hotness within me.

My smiles were diluted with random sighs.

Truth is, I had no idea what was the issue was but I knew something was amiss. I knew something wasn’t right. I knew I had to find out what it was and fix it as soon as possible.


Try as hard as I could, I couldn’t find a reason to jump out of my present state. It was overwhelming and energy-consuming.
I was desperately in dire need of changing how I felt this morning.

I couldn’t fathom why I was disturbed.
The more I tried to comprehend what was going on in my head, the more downcast I became.

Then, something happened and in an instant, my mood switched. I became all bubbly, lively and cheerful.

I was grinning from pole to pole.

This strength, this immeasurable joy only comes from within.

The joy that is soothing and liberating.

The joy that is reassuring and enduring.

There is hope.
And that hope gives me joy.