Dear Tiger

​ Dear Tiger Good evening my chocolate dipped in strawberry and vanilla, how are you? I am fine too, just been thinking about a lot of things. I just thought it nice to bring this one to your notice. Tiger Mi, I am confused about a lot of things but this one confused me all

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I woke up early and in the wee hours of this day, this word kept screaming out loud in my head while my fingers itched. So here I am penning. Contentment is being whole heartedly satisfied with what you have at the moment, even though you know you could have more. It is that state


You Are Grayed, SO?

Have you listened to people whose age have gone very far talk? They talk like children. Hian. Sometimes when I listen to words that come out from their mouth I wonder how they carried on from their childhood through their teenage years and how they lived in their early adult age. You know that feeling

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I am immature

She knows no age and respects no gray. She sits on the aged and spills sour words as truth. She adorns royal robes and ride in tush rides yet on an empty skull she thrives. A filthy rag she is, her stinking stench a choker. She opens her mouth and lies as legions emerge. She

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