Dear Susan

I received this mail and I want you my dear friends to be beneficiaries of whatever will come out of this transaction. Thank you. This year is our year to HAMMER. BELOW IS THE MAIL.

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Dear Society

Dear Society, Sometimes I sit back behind my keypad or keyboard crying, not because someone beat me or hurt me, not because I sliced onion, not because I am close to the kitchen, BUT because every step of the way I see a people who have putso much IMPORTANCE on the VAGINA thereby leaving the

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Dear Tiger

Dear Tiger How are you? It's been a while I wrote you, that's because life happened and has been happening. How's your living and life in general coming? I'm sure it's super awesome because I feel it in my spirit and feel it in the physical too. It's expedient for me to write you at

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Dear Future

I am inspired to write you this letter, sometime in the future, you'd look back into the past and remember I told you this. Dear Future, my name is Maureen Ogechi Omasirichi Alikor, ( and many other names) a young girl born and bred in Rivers State, Nigeria. I am here to tell you some

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Dear Mark Zuckerberg. If you can read this and respond positively to my request/suggestions, I'd be glad. First I need to congratulate you and the entire team you work with. Truth is, #Facebook is the number one social media platform I have come across. It is huge, growing and improving tremendously. I want to appreciate

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