A Wake Up Call to Millennials and Centennials

It saddens my heart to see how we live our lives as Millennials and Centennials. We pay no regard to some of the values that profited our fathers. We have thrown values like integrity, respect, honesty, commitment, obedience, diligence etc. into thin air and have decided to live our lives as though we own ourselves. We are very busy with working to have a great social media presence, wearing the latest designers, and turning up while we forget to groom ourselves for the future. Our attentions have been shifted from deeper things that matter to frivolities. Do we ever wonder what values and training we will pass on to the next generation? Continue reading

Itodo restores hope and life to a supposed “mad man”

Life has not been easy with a lot of humans and we seem to be encumbered with finding OUR OWN DAILY BREAD and in doing so, we CARE LESS of other people and their issues, but  that is not the case for ITODO SAMUEL ANTHONY . Read and follow the story of how he helped a supposed “mad man”.

It all began with a  facebook update…and a determination to be different and to make impact as against usual.
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Of Wife and Mistress Fight

There are some things I may never be able to comprehend in this life that I am living.

Yesterday while surfing the internet, instagram to be precise, I stumbled upon a shot video clip of a two ladies – one a wife, the other a mistress who both bumped into each other in a hospital as they came to visit their man. Gosh. And a fight ensued between the duo.

I watched the video and saw how they bith disrepected themselves all in the name of “MY MAN”.

I don’t get it, what was the fight for?

I have a few reservations for the parties involved.

Dear woman, this man in question is your husband, he paid your bride price, I suppose. You have been living with him for sometime, I guess, so why stoop so low that You had to disgrace yourself, your family, and of your kids if you have any. No forgetting the women-folk whom you shamelessly embarrassed.

Publicly or secretly Fighting another lady, even if she is your husband’s mistress already justifies his reason for having a mistress, it kinda shows your husband has issues with you as a wife ( I bet you didn’t look at it that way ).

If she came to see your husband in the hospital, it goes a step further that your husband was and is still in constant communication with her and he gave her FULL rights to come see him in the hospital. For the sake of sanity and self respect, you should or could have sought other means of venting your disgust and anger, and not resort to physical exchange of imaginary blows – fighting( I know woman barely exchange punches when fighting, except they are both wrestlers and have been training day and night and preparing for Olympics or Wrestlemania).

Dear wife, you could talk it over with your man after she leaves and after your husband must have recovered and discharged from the hospital. A Woman of quiet disposition, who can find? Sometimes(emphasis of sometimes) it’s our attitude and character that push the men in our lives into the hands of other women.

One task: Try imagining what would have happened if
-You had remained calm,
-Ask the lady how she is faring,
-Thank her for coming to check up on Mister So So and So (or you add “my husband”) without sounding sarcastic’
-Strike up a conversation that will brighten the already tensed atmosphere – remember your husband is on the sick bed.
-After your husband has been discharged, talk about what happened.
-If he is bent on being with the mistress and you can’t accept it,
-Get a divorce. Separate. Break up. Move on.

I don’t know if you knew he was married.
But then you are a lady and I am stilk of opinion that it’s unlady-like to see you engage in a fight with another lady and in public and to make matters worse, over a man and not over oil blocs and multinational companies.

Your one singular act of fighting has added yet another level of disrespect for womanhood by the menfolk. They will always keeping seeing every lady they see as a wild and carefree woman who fights over a man. They wouldn’t even want to hear what happened that caused you to fight, I won’t even want to know what happened. I am just against the fight.

One task : Try imagining what would have happened if
-You had remained calm
-Greet the wife – courtesy demands that.
-Walk away from any brewing waters before it escalated – remember she is his wife.
-You should also have shown respect to the man whom you happen to be dating, remembering that he is in a hospital.

I have no word for you. Yet.
Get well soon.