A Wake Up Call to Millennials and Centennials

It saddens my heart to see how we live our lives as Millennials and Centennials. We pay no regard to some of the values that profited our fathers. We have thrown values like integrity, respect, honesty, commitment, obedience, diligence etc. into thin air and have decided to live our lives as though we own ourselves.

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Itodo restores hope and life to a supposed “mad man”

Life has not been easy with a lot of humans and we seem to be encumbered with finding OUR OWN DAILY BREAD and in doing so, we CARE LESS of other people and their issues, but that is not the case for ITODO SAMUEL ANTHONY . Read and follow the story of how he helped a supposed

Itodo restores hope and life to a supposed “mad man”2018-10-11T12:41:39+00:00

Of Wife and Mistress Fight

There are some things I may never be able to comprehend in this life that I am living. Yesterday while surfing the internet, instagram to be precise, I stumbled upon a shot video clip of a two ladies - one a wife, the other a mistress who both bumped into each other in a hospital

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I woke up early and in the wee hours of this day, this word kept screaming out loud in my head while my fingers itched. So here I am penning. Contentment is being whole heartedly satisfied with what you have at the moment, even though you know you could have more. It is that state