PURPOSE : What is life without it

textgram_1468372509Your direction in life will set the sail on so many life decisions you will eventually get to make. Even the tiniest detail as the clothes you wear.

So you see, having a direction is not over flogged. It is not overrated too.
You need direction, if you know someone who keeps reminding you of your need to get direction, then you have someone who cares deeply for you, not basically for what they hope to gain from you.

Living this life without direction is as worse as living without yourbeyes, you would be at the mercy of others. You will have to be directed somewhere other than where you should have been headed.

Truth is, living this life without direction does not mean you don’t have a direction, it only means other people are piloting the affairs of your life with or without your consent.

Your direction in life is what I prefer to call your PURPOSE.
For every product, there is a purpose. A PURPOSE is simply the reason why the product is made.
A PURPOSE is an answer to a question.
A PURPOSE is the reason why you are. Finding out a PURPOSE if a thing sets a tune on how you will go about using that thing.

Your life is worth living but not knowing why you are alive will make living a herculean task for you.
Find your PURPOSE, then you will realise that it is not everything that calls for your attention that deserves or fits to be given your attention.

Finding your PURPOSE will make taking life decisions a whole lot easier.

Life is simple. But when you don’t know, it becomes complex and complicated for you and with time, you’d be singing desperation songs.

Find your PURPOSE and enjoy life.

Purpose and Living

There  are  so many  things contending  for my time and attention  and I  know too well not to give my attention  to every thing  or every knowledge  that comes knocking.

I  have  a vision for my  life.
I am not an accident, my creation  is an intentional act that means i have purpose.

Hence my pupose discovery  paved the way for me to know what is important  to me and what is not.

Discovering  my purpose is like having a plan for the  journey  you are setting out for, you have a map or an atlas and even a compass.  You move and  make stops at places that were destined to contribute to the  journey. 

Swerving off your course and not lookinginto your map or atlas is like living without  a purpose. You just keep moving  but you have no idea where  you destination  is and even when you get there,  you won’t  know.

But with my purpose- which in geographical  parlance is my map or compass, the journey  is more cordinated and more focused.

Too many distractions willnot and cannot take me off except I allow it to.

Purpose discovery helps make life’s burden and confusion lighter.

It helps you know  where you should  go,  what you should  do,  what you should  say,  what you should read,  what you should wear,  who to associate with  and other whats and wheres in life.

It helps goes as far as helping you to choose who to allow into your heart.

A purposeful  life is a life filled with satisfaction  and fulfillment  at different junctions.

What  is your purpose?
What drives you?
What is your number  one motivation if nothing else is there to motivate you?

Purpose and living

First, you live a purposeful life when you have discovered what your purpose is. And your purpose must be in line with God’d word and God’s will for your life.
Our purpose in life is always tied to other people.
What do I mean by that?
You can’t come to earth only to do things for yourself alone, you come to do things for others through the help of God which in turn will help you and bring you satisfaction and fulfillment.

A purpose is not limited to just one thing -it maybe one with different phases.

To fulfill purpose, you constantly renew your mind by constant communion with the word of God. Then you receive knowledge of your purpose and wisdom to apply the knowledge you’ve received from God.

Everyone has a purpose but not everyone discovers their true purpose.

Some live outside the purpose of God for their lives, doing this will never amount to fulfillment.

Some choose to live without a positive purpose but unknown to them it translates into negative purpose, this also breeds disatisfaction and unfulfillment.

Doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason to the right people through the help of a right Spirit who is a right God is ultimately fulfilling.