PURPOSE : What is life without it

Your direction in life will set the sail on so many life decisions you will eventually get to make. Even the tiniest detail as the clothes you wear. So you see, having a direction is not over flogged. It is not overrated too. You need direction, if you know someone who keeps reminding you of

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Purpose and Living

There  are  so many  things contending  for my time and attention  and I  know too well not to give my attention  to every thing  or every knowledge  that comes knocking. I  have  a vision for my  life. I am not an accident, my creation  is an intentional act that means i have purpose. Hence my

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Purpose and living

First, you live a purposeful life when you have discovered what your purpose is. And your purpose must be in line with God'd word and God's will for your life. Our purpose in life is always tied to other people. What do I mean by that? You can't come to earth only to do things

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Life and Livers

Standing by the road I see four legs run by I wonder to where they head in such shameless hurry. ... Standing by the road, I see two legs strut about in reckless abandon hitting you as they walk by; not stopping to say sorry, I wonder where they go. Then I see three legs,

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