Love Chronicles is a project aimed at sharing the journey of lovebirds, detailing how they met, when they met, how they knew (s)he was the one, what challenges they encountered, how they overcame, their pre-wedding dreams and aspirations, their wedding journey and everything in between. We would love to have you share your love story

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Dear Emperor

Lovers by the moon Dear Emperor, It’s been a while I wrote you, it doesn’t mean I love you less than I used to, I have grown to love you fiercer and stronger. Ele yi gidi gaan! ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ Mine, many days have come and gone and have morphed into weeks, months and oh

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Poetry: Of Nights, Love & Many Blessings

photo credit: google Nights like this, I count my many blessings you are on every number every page, every dusk   I smile, knowing you are gold one I stumbled upon, albeit intentionally   This storm you raise in me has come to stay, and I wake up daily Swimming in the tides,

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A Man’s Note To His Wife

I LOVE LOVE STORIES. While we have heard a lot about unsuccessful marriages, it is often a rare and a beautiful privilege to meet two persons who are working at it DAILY thereby showing us (the unmarried) that it can be done. It’s good to know we have good examples to learn from. HERE’s to

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Dear Tiger

H Dear Tiger It’s that time of the evening when my mushiness drives my pen to spill words my mouth have chosen not to say till that day.

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