On Pastors And Abuse

While I agree that there are many pastors who are selfish and self centered with no iota of care, concern and compassion for their members and for the general well being of the world at large, I still know a few who are the direct opposite of those described.
I know some who would NEVER encourage a woman to continue living and being with a man who verbally, physically, emotionally and sexually abuses her.

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On Spouses And secret ATM pin

Dear Single People, If you were to be married today, would you share your passwords and ATM pin with your spouse?

Dear Married folks, does your spouse have your passwords and your ATM pin?

Today, our guest writer shares his observation.

I just read of a man who is presently in an unconscious state at UPTH. His Wife is said to be without a penny personally, but she has her husband’s ATM Card with her which she can’t use because she doesn’t know the PIN.

So the man’s own money cannot come to his rescue when he needs it the most. His Wife has to ask other people for money or possibly borrow.

It reminds me of a story where I once lived at Iwofe axis of Port Harcourt. A man who was a Carpenter lived in a compound close to mine with his ‘wife’ and children. The compound was two plots of land and had an uncompleted building inside of it, but the man built a makeshift home with woods by the fence where he lived with his family.

As time went by, I gathered that the man was once a laborer in the said property which his Oga was developing before he died. The story had it that the original owner of the property was building a house as a surprise gift for his girlfriend, he was married and of course his wife had no idea about this. So when he died, both girlfriend and wife didn’t know about the property. Carpenter positioned himself as custodian and gradually started claiming ownership. He was the one who attended all meetings of Landlords and even Tenants. Nobody ever visited that place to the best of my knowledge for the years I lived there.

I am here musing; some level of secrecy becomes foolish if the right things aren’t done.

Why do folks treat even the concept of writing a will with levity until some terminal disease or helpless situation comes lurking?

Why are folks so adamant to think that nothing bad will happen to them, so much that they never bother about succession planning even in their business endeavors until it is perhaps too late?

Why is the concept of passing the baton even in the realm of political and social leadership such a big issue in Africa? Why do we like to sit on things till we kick the bucket and we deny generations of what could have been a blessing to them?

If you are the only one with the password to your business email accounts, there’s a problem, start working at fixing it. I guess this is why the request for next of kin is mandatory in most legal transactions, whether you like it or not the system compels you to present someone else to stand in should in case anything happens to you.

If you have no one in this whole world to trust with your ATM Card pin, it seems to me that something is wrong somewhere…….

Too many thoughts running through my head, I better stop.


  • Written By Maple Dappa.
  • He is the father of Chief Hubert and Married to Mrs Ireti.
  • He is the boss at FAYPLES
  • He is also boss at MAPEMOND RESOURCES.
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