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Perseverance is sexy, I agree, do you? I remember when we were thrown into this era of despair, of hopelessness and into the world called recession. Many of us felt life was going to come to an end, some of us felt we would all die of starvation (i’m not...

New Magazine Release 0

New Magazine Release

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I Vow 0

I Vow

While seated in the cab and reflecting on a whole lot; the degrees, the clothes, the books, the rape, the friends, the family, the sneakers, the notepads, the passwords written down and presently hidden from the unprying eyes of the world. I scrolled through my photo gallery and my music...

Dear Tiger: Full Time House Husbands 0

Dear Tiger: Full Time House Husbands

Dear Tiger Mover and shaker of the foundations of my love industry; I troway salute. I am sure you are fine, but this young lady in love wants you finer than you ever dreamed of, so take more cups of unconcentrated, undiluted doses of ‘LoveMoQuine’, now take a chill pill,...