​ I am here, righting the wrongs of my past, I was here, I lived,but short I died, but here I am I came I lived I died, Here's a toast, A toast to my rebirth I am loathed Hated, yet I come happy Bringing bliss in tear drops each time, Before my waking days,


Broken, but alive

You were and is still broken Yet you breath And walk, I am shattered; more than broken I am disheveled; trampled and tattered. I sit amidst ruins of my heart In her bits and pieces, Yet a tiny glint lives on. You were all shades of pain Tied to the ankle by the ropes of

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If you have been showing kindness to only those few people that you highly esteem while you maltreat or treat unfairly and unkindly those below you, those you think can't offer you anything, then you need to sit back and reevaluate your motive. Your supposed kindness is selfishness dressed in white aimed at deceiving its

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When I Smile

When you catch me smiling to myself, it shouldn't surprise you, it shouldn't annoy you, it should only make you smile, because at those time, I am thinking of what he told me that no one has ever told me, or I am remembering the soothing words he said when the storm in my mind

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