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One Year Anniversary Of Strength 0

One Year Anniversary Of Strength

Today is 21st of December, 2017, and it is one of the most important days of my life. Why? Today last year, my foundation, DEMYSTIFY ABUSE CAMPAIGN was birthed after what seemed like one of the harshest blows life death me: the armed robbery attack that led to the rape, after...

A Cry For Our Education 0

A Cry For Our Education

Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing or encountering young persons who have spent about sixteen (16) years of their lives acquiring the western system of education that we have been exposed to, behaving like they were never within the four walls of a place called school.

About Maureen Alikor 0

About Maureen Alikor

Maureen Alikor is a young lady who has a vision that right from the very next second after you must have read this, that the world will be better and she believes it begins with JUST A THOUGHT properly aligned, tilting towards positive speech and wholehearted believe in the expected.

“Call Me Not Future” 2

“Call Me Not Future”

It’s been decades since I was born, And at birth I was called the future. I smiled amidst confusion, because I knew not what they meant. But with my ears, I heard them call me messiah. Then at thirteen, as a teen, They looked upon me yet again, They called...

Remedies For Menstrual Cramps 4

Remedies For Menstrual Cramps

Dear Sisters, Are you like me who has to go through torture every month whenever the menstrual cycle comes cycling frantically? then I’ve got good and helpful news. I don’t know what you have attempted to use to ease the pain; you may have tried buscopan, ladinax, felvin, feldene, paracetamol...