Nigerian Music and my sentiments

I listen to music a lot, some dozes of RnB, more dozes of Country Music, Rock, songs of Gospel lyrics, HipHip, of courseeeee Soul and other genres, and of course Nigerian music. I happen to be a huge fan of Dare Art Alade, Timi Dakolo, Asa, Tuface, and some others, I dance to the ones

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Birthday Bells

*BIRTHDAY BELLS*ūüéä Everyone knows what 'wedding bells' are but very few people know of the existence of 'birthday bells'. Whenever something remarkable is in the offing and it's supposed to be made public during the birthday celebration, then the birthday bells will ring to get everyone on his or her toes in anticipation. Consider this

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Kennedy Ekong is a multi skilled young man who is passionate about singing, a lover of God and people.. He is a song writer and still attempting piano. A radio OAP. He currently resides in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

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We Make Music

i love the song in my head when my playlist fails, i love the lyrics on my lips when you are the chorus. i love the devotion of your care when life shakes me to my bones bringing my wobbly legs to kneel and how you forgo you and cater to me you are a

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For Praise Psalm

His name is Praise he sings psalms yet is surnamed Psalm. His psalms rise up everyday as praise to He alone. his life is a praise rendered as psalms to his Own. he is Praise and also Psalm; his life, a journey of music. Call him Praise maybe call him Psalm I'd rather call him

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