Nigerian Music and my sentiments

I listen to music a lot, some dozes of RnB, more dozes of Country Music, Rock, songs of Gospel lyrics, HipHip, of courseeeee Soul and other genres, and of course Nigerian music. I happen to be a huge fan of Dare Art Alade, Timi Dakolo, Asa, Tuface, and some others, I dance to the ones

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Dream Stoppers and Dream Pausers

So on my way to work this morning, I witnessed a very interesting scene and immediately my mind began her usual processing and she came up with stuff.

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Every one has something they want. Somehow, most of us believe that DESIRE should always be followed by SATISFACTION. This is simply not true as I have come to learn. Sometimes the right thing is for you not to get what you want. We currently live in a world that is all about consumption.



I walked into a place and saw an old friend who I happen to have known and met years ago, about ten years, if I am to be precise; as I sat far apart from him, a thought struck me and I grabbed at my phone and began typing away. See, years ago, this friend

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On A New Note

Okay. We are here finally. We are happy to be alive to see the first day in January 2017. It is a year we have been anticipating since the beginning of 2016 and while many of us are dancing, singing and jubilating that we have seen a new year, some people who saw 2016 with

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