We hate Nigeria

We hate Nigeria with everything we've got, or maybe with some. Our actions time and time again have proven how much we hate the country we call home, Nigeria.   To justify our hate, we can comfortably sit on the side of the fence that allows us to complain, nag and rant about how the

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It is hard to ignore this Big brother Nigeria show going on now. While I am not a fan of it, the promoters and bloggers do a good job of putting it in your face whenever you come on social media especially, Instagram and twitter. I am scared for my generation!! One lady of 25years(so

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Mace Stolen or Hijacked in Nigerian Senate

Mace stolen from Nigerian National Assembly This isn’t the first time Nigerian is in the news for shameless behaviour and the news of a mace stolen from an assembly; a couple of years ago, it was in Rivers State and now in the nation’s National Assembly. It’s  pathetic that we voted in humans

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Summary of the Three Major Ethnic Groups In Nigeria

The Hausas. Their lifestyle is as simple as their language. They have some of the richest and poorest human beings in Nigeria- the Dangotes and the Almajiris. Their states are the poorest in the country, with Sokoto proudly leading the pack. Hausas are some intelligent species. Yes, they’re not so educated- the western way, but

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Strangers on a bridal train

So it’s a Saturday and so many persons will be or are been joined together in holy matrimony. Congratulations to them all… My rant is dedicated to certain humans who while planning their wedding go hunting for girls who would be on their bridal train the same way hunters go hunt for prey in the

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