​ Tonight the pain in my heart is real. The pain is tearing me apart, and I wish, I wish I could put a total stop to this madness. I came on social media a few minutes ago, just to catch up, laugh, read and then go to bed, but while scrolling through my instagram

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Someone I Used To Know

You remind me of someone, he who rocked my world and swore to wipe my sad tears, he was perfection. The way you listened and laughed at my jokes. Your voice that lightens my burden reminds me of someone. Did I tell you he was my muse, my friend and my only ally. With him

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Death: beginning and end

...yet another departed. Every second someone somewhere stops breathing. Like a dream. It happens. Life ends. The loved ones of the departed are left behind to wail. They are left with a vacuum that can never be filled with any other human. They are left to ask questions that one cannot answer. With the last

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I sat at the roof got tired of seeing the land from the valley, so I took my binoculars to the mountaintop. There I saw eye-sours. I saw the pain tied about the neck of Africans giant. The sight left me wondering, my eyes got wet, I didn't want my tears dropping. Before I could

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Chibok Girls…a year ago

a year ago we heard tale of missing girls and unseen parents. We heard of an abduction which shook the walls of our divided nation. Rants were ranted. Curses were hurled. Prayers were offered. Pleas were tendered. Mosques were agog with kneeling saints. Churches were brimly filled with weeping devout. Heaven was filled with uttered

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