Tonight the pain in my heart is real. The pain is tearing me apart, and I wish, I wish I could put a total stop to this madness.
I came on social media a few minutes ago, just to catch up, laugh, read and then go to bed, but while scrolling through my instagram newsfeed,  a video started playing and immediately I scrolled pasts it because the scene was hideous and barbaric.
I didn’t know when tears started flowing from my eyes as though I was directly involved, BUT OF COURSE I was directly involved, INDIRECTLY. Just because I am human.
How do people get to the point of heartlessness where they can carry a knife and butcher a fellow human just because the person is a rival.
I ask, how do people even become RIVALS. 

We should all be partners, brothers and sisters.
My heart is heavy, my heart is bleeding, if only tears could put a stop to such gruesome acts.
I am trying so hard to understand the rationale behind these killings we hear of everyday and I find no real reason but that the seed of HATE has been implanted in humans and WE in our stupidity FEED it daily, instead of killing and maiming it till GOES AWAY and KILLS US NO MORE.
TODAY, I am reminded that there are still people who ARE not like some others who can never raise an arm to harm a fly, let alone a fellow human.
Where there is NO LOVE, hate REIGNS as KING.

We have limited the WORD LOVE to just what we feel for that boy or that girl that makes it difficult for us to think straight or even eat food, LOVE is far from that.
LOVE is a conscious CHOICE and DECISION we make to prefer and look OUT FOR THE GOOD OF ANOTHER.

TOnight, I am in pains, deep paina and hurting for the many lives lost during communal clashes, wars, hate battles and via injustices at various levels.
We have become so far away from LOVE and understanding the bond we are meant to share, so we find it so easy raising hands and weapons to injure and even kill one another.
Please, bring back our LOVE.

Bring back our HUMANITY.

Bring back our BOND.

I am human and I LOVE.
-Maureen Alikor

Someone I Used To Know

You remind me of someone,
he who rocked my world
and swore to wipe my sad tears,
he was perfection.

The way you listened
and laughed at my jokes.
Your voice that lightens my burden
reminds me of someone.

Did I tell you he was my muse,
my friend
and my only ally.
With him I knew no fear,
I weathered the raging storm
and scaled the highest hurdles.
You remind me of him.

We walked holding hands,
I was his pride and his hardest rock.

We had candle light nights.

Did I tell you I was his best?
Yes, I was and you remind me of him.

You remind me of the love we once shared,
and tales we loved to tell,
of how he knocked on my window at dusk
just to slip out of papa’s watchful eyes.

You remind me of this someone
whose hundred watt smile illuminates the seeming darkness- or so I thought.

Once he stole my heart,
with a firm grip, he swore never to let go
and I smiled willind to let him.

He swept me off my feet
and swore to stand though it all.
And he did.

You remind of someone I used to know,
someone in my yesterday,
someone I didn’t deserve, pain.

Death: beginning and end

…yet another departed.

Every second someone somewhere stops breathing.

Like a dream. It happens.

Life ends.

The loved ones of the departed are left behind to wail.

They are left with a vacuum that can never be filled with any other human.

They are left to ask questions that one cannot answer.

With the last of their strength they utter salient prayers to the heavens. They bare their hearts to whoever cares to listen.

They curse. They grind their teeth against their teeth as words refuse to be said.

Have you tried consoling a bereaved wife whose eyes have swollen and become bloodshot as a result of constant cries?

Have you tried consoling a bereaved younger sister to the deceased, one who got injured in her bid to see her brother’s corpse?

Have you tried consoling a younger nephew whose wedding would be on a Saturday but his uncle died a day to the wedding?

Have you seen a once vibrant young man with vigor and stamina sit lifeless after been declared dead by doctors?

After all the wailing, prayers, questions, tear rain and assumptions life for other people continues.

Death, a respecter of nobody.