Chibok Girls…a year ago

a year ago
we heard
tale of missing
and unseen parents.

We heard of
an abduction
which shook
the walls of our
divided nation.

Rants were ranted.
Curses were hurled.
Prayers were offered.
Pleas were tendered.

Mosques were agog
with kneeling saints.
Churches were brimly filled
with weeping devout.
Heaven was filled with
uttered words and
liquid fire.

a year gone past
we are still here
wishing our girls would
as soldiers
gone to war.

Then again,
rhetorically I ask,
what if it was all
a tale
or a mere figment of
one man’s imagination?

What if?

Though we still hope
and pray our girls return –
no longer girls
but as women.