I Am Her

I am her, the broken piece of china ware that wounds all who come her way, the hurting spring that rains words that cut as a knife never minding her victims. I am her, the perfect replica of imperfection the wolf in sheepskin one meant to be feared and revered. I am her, the road

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I try to get it right, but reach time I fall helplessly in the hands of failure, so he looks me in the eye and reminds me of how many times I'd fallen. I lie awake on this star less night, the cold seeping through my clothes but the heat burning within is nothing compared



When it was; it was the best. Now it's no more, you wonder what blinded you. It was the song on your lips The joy in your heart; One you swore never to lose. While it was, you lived in the moon Dined in the skies And the sun was your favorite vacation spot. It

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I am before I was

I am a beautiful soul with an excellent Spirit living a colourful body with a darkened past which has blurred my future walks. I look back and hate how I journeyed thus far i've come; quitting is no option I need an ignited pathway to lead me on but I choose to cast my gaze

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...yesterday be gone the old me be starved... dig deeper the grave... to swallow the rots of the past. a new way I found the old way is dark and they are at war. hate envelopes the mind of one once in reign setting truth ablaze the old me is lost; lost to the darkness