Meet our personality


Maureen: Who is Kukogho Iruesiri Samson?

KIS:  Depends on what you mean exactly.    I describe myself as a person with a different view of life and I chose to share that perspective with those who care through writing.  

Maureen :  Okay. When did you discover you could do much more with writing, because you are a voice that can’t be sidelined in the literary circle?   

KIS:  I don’t know if I discovered that I could do more with writing? There was never this point where I said, ‘hey dude, you can do something with this writing.’ I just write, because I write and then people take it serious, people find truth, beauty in it. My personality requires that I express, and since I am not one to bring people into my personal space, I could talk to the world through writing and achieve the same aim as talking with people in my personal space.

Maureen: Wow. So you could call yourself and introvert?  

KIS:  No. Those who have met me know I’m a noise maker with everyone as a friend.
That’s in public. In my private space, my house, I’d rather be alone and unbothered than otherwise No visitors without invitation. 

Maureen:  Okay. At the moment, I can stand to say there is a revolution brewing, it is a bloodless war, do you think the literary circle is capable of championing a change in Nigeria…  

KIS:  No  

Maureen: Okay. Any specific reasons.

KIS:  Not now, not with the ragtag crew we call writers Only a few are thinking, the rest just want to join the train No solid systems in place.   

Maureen:   Ragtag crew???  Hahahahahaha. Wow, Such a title.  

KIS:  The apex body, ANA, is neither here or there being broke and powerless.


Maureen:  Okay then, enough of writing.  What else do you do?   

KIS:  I eat.    

Maureen:  Oh yes, I almost forgot.

You are a kitchen guru. Did you grow up with so many sisters?  How did your kitchen adventure begin? Are you planning on opening a restaurant in the nearest future?

KIS:  I was joking when I wrote eat. My main hobby is photography, followed by talking. I like to talk, either as a one on one chat or public speaking.   

Maureen:  You are really gifted and versatile. 
You have a beautiful smile, how do you cope with admiration from both sexes?  

KIS:  As for cooking, that came naturally. I love food, especially food cooked at home. So since I started staying alone long ago, I developed the knack for cooking. Over the years, I improved.   

Maureen:  Do you ever dream of venturing into politics in Nigeria?  If yes, Where do you know you can function well?  

KIS:  Admiration from both sexes are welcomed and kept in control. I’m human, I love admiration. I’m a man, I love women.

Politics? No. I’d rather be a political appointee or something like that. I am too rigid to go into politics. I wouldn’t last long.  

Maureen:  That’s commendable and admirable.

I look forward to having a feel of your kitchen to fill my hunger and quench my curiosity.

One truth about you, you’d love the world to know.  

KIS:  I’m not angry even it seems like I am. I just get excited when explaining something important to me. Or talking about something I’m passionate about.  

Maureen: One last question, what motivates you to live life as you do?  

KIS:  I don’t want to fail, for my own sake and those around me.   


Maureen: That’s really touching. Thank you for your time. It was indeed a privilege having this conversation with you. I look forward to catching up with you soonest. 

KIS:  okay ma

Meet Kemjy


1.Name: okeke akudo nkemjika christien

2.Country/State: Nigeria and Imo

3. DOB: 4th October

4. Religion: Christianity

5.Favourite book: A long walk to freedom by Nelson Mandela

6. Why are you on earth: to make my world better than I met it

7.Talk to the world: Be the best you can despite the put downs because if there’s no put downs, you won’t stretch yourself and if you don’t stretch beyond your comfort zone, you can’t grow to make an impact

8.Most cherished body part: my fingers

9. Hobbies: strolling, watching the stars, reading. Owk, one abi? StrollReadingStars

10.Favourite meal: Fried or roasted yam

11.Favourite Facebook personality: Poetry is a personality to me. So, I would say, Poetry. Owk, let’s be serious. All lovers of creative development, put in one jar of a being

12.Marital status: Single

13.Place of residence: Ibadan, oyo state

Meet Akintunde


1.Name: Akintunde Kolawole Aiki.

2.Country/ State: Nigeria, Oyo State.

3.DOB: 26th January.

4.Religion: None.

5.Favourite book: Good to Great by Jim Collins (HarperCollins Publishing) any day. I have read it and reread it more than I have had birthdays. Then, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell too. For fiction, Robert Ludlum’s The Matarese Circle is the most interesting page-turner I have read. One Hundred Years of Solitude by Marquez must have a mention here too. Then The Jero’s Plays by Soyinka made me laugh all through childhood.

6. Why are you on earth: I’m convinced I’m not happenstance. I’m a runner, running. A flier, flying. A live-er, living. When I’m done, I’ll go home.

7.Talk On the world: on living: live, do not hate if you won’t love. Pursue happiness.
On faith: know your God for yourself.
On passion: I’ll quote some author I have forgotten, “your work in life is the ultimate seduction.” Find your work in life.
Do what you CAN be the best at and not what you WISH to be the best at. My take o.
On sports: support Chelsea FC or goan play ludo.

8. Most cherished body part: I respect my mind. But the nigger isn’t a body part now, is ‘he’?

9.Hobbies: Daydreaming about Mordor. Lol.

10.Favourite meal: Fried rice and fried dairy would do no wrong.

11.Favourite Facebook personality: What I have are awesome and crazy people who I will want to have around a round table like the legendary King Arthur.

12. Marital status: I’m in love.

13.Place of residence: Ibadan