Our Spotlight: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Maureen: Who is Kukogho Iruesiri Samson? KIS:  Depends on what you mean exactly.    I describe myself as a person with a different view of life and I chose to share that perspective with those who care through writing. Maureen :  Okay. When did you discover you could do much more with writing, because you are

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Our Spotlight-Kemjy

1.Name: okeke akudo nkemjika christien 2.Country/State: Nigeria and Imo 3. DOB: 4th October 4. Religion: Christianity 5.Favourite book: A long walk to freedom by Nelson Mandela 6. Why are you on earth: to make my world better than I met it 7. Talk to the world: Be the best you can despite the put-downs because

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Our Spotlight: Akintunde

1.Name: Akintunde Kolawole Aiki. 2.Country/ State: Nigeria, Oyo State. 3.DOB: 26th January. 4.Religion: None. 5.Favourite book: Good to Great by Jim Collins (HarperCollins Publishing) any day. I have read it and reread it more than I have had birthdays. Then, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell too. For fiction, Robert Ludlum's The Matarese Circle is the most

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Our Spotlight: Farida Adamu

1.Name: Farida Adamu 2.Country/State: Nigeria, Gombe state. 3.DOB:February 12 4.Religion: I'm not sure 5. Favourite book: Do I even have a favorite book? Well, I love anything Karen Kingsbury, Mel Odom and Chimamanda and facebook lol. 6.Why are you on earth: To live and give and then leave. 7.Talk to the world: Ok... Now you

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Our Spotlight: Enwongo Cleopas

1. Name: Enwongo Christopher Cleopas 2. Country/ State: Nigeria. Akwa Ibom State. 3. DOB: 23rd of September. (This also happens to be the day my state was Created as well as Katsina) 4. Religion: Christianity. 5. Favorite book? That's difficult to narrow down, but any book by Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury, Chika Unigwe or Jojo

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