Happy Birthday Neo

i. mama ii. there are sounds and a whisper there are songs and symphonies iii. there is an arrogant sun and stars that twinkle there are men and one human iv. mama v. there are times encounters rock our world yet no known effects there are times just a meet erupts volcanoes within vi. there

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Ake-Nnyin: A memorable weekend in Uyo

The Port Harcourt Literary Society in partnership with Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort, Uyo who with widespread arms welcomed us into their serene environment as the Maiden edition of Ake-Nnyin, an event that brought LITERATURE, SPORTS and CULTURE together. These are three facets of the society that foster community interaction, recreational experiences and intellectual stimulation.

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Poetry: I Miss Poetry

i. I miss poetry not the bitter twisted lies forming lines of arrogance becoming trickles of pride not the self-bloated words of one drunk in similes personifying self as poetry nor of one soaked in oxymorons and metonymy that which speaks of truth of love, and unrivaled unity the iamb the trochee the dactyl, and

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Poetry: Ife

i. Ife, son of YHWH, I have seen the moon wrestle the sun the stars as spectators, starstruck but a heart as forged in gold as yours, eludes me once I shut my eyes, to see the essence of your existence to behold the rarity of your person to perceive the aura of your soul

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#phlsslampoetry The Port Harcourt Literary Society SLAM COMPETITION Are you a SPOKEN WORD POET, and you believe you can own the stage in slam contest and emerge winner, then you should apply. PRIZES 1ST PRIZE: N100, 000 2ND PRIZE: N75, 000 3RD PRIZE: N50, 000 BEST YOUTH PRIZE: N25,000 HOW TO ENTER 1.

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