Mace Stolen or Hijacked in Nigerian Senate

Mace stolen from Nigerian National Assembly This isn’t the first time Nigerian is in the news for shameless behaviour and the news of a mace stolen from an assembly; a couple of years ago, it was in Rivers State and now in the nation’s National Assembly. It’s  pathetic that we voted in humans

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On the “Not Too Young To Run” bill passed

Judging by what has been happening in governance over the years, young persons in Nigeria got sick and tired of being sick, tired and incapacitated for a long time and it birthed a movement #NotTooYoungToRun.

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Rivers State Government And Revenue Generation

I usually distant myself from political posts, but my few days trip to Lagos has made me decide against being mute. So I came into Lagos to relax from my usual hustle and life in Port Harcourt, the state with a population of about 21 million as at 2012 and was awed by the state

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Naija Politics

#‎studies‬ the bible verse that says ''be angry but sin not''. Permission received. Now I want to get angry. Anger is a choice. When things happen, we have two choices: one to either get angry or pretend it's not worth getting angry over. Getting angry is a choice, and right now I have chosen to

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