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Mace Stolen or Hijacked in Nigerian Senate 2

Mace Stolen or Hijacked in Nigerian Senate

This isn’t the first time Nigerian is in the news for shameless behaviour and the news of a mace stolen from an assembly; a couple of years ago, it was in Rivers State and now in the nation’s National Assembly. It’s  pathetic that we voted in humans who have no...

On the “Not Too Young To Run” bill passed 0

On the “Not Too Young To Run” bill passed

Judging by what has been happening in governance over the years, young persons in Nigeria got sick and tired of being sick, tired and incapacitated for a long time and it birthed a movement #NotTooYoungToRun.

As 2019 elections approaches… 0

As 2019 elections approaches…

As a nation, Nigerians are preparing in earnest for the elections. Many persons are already tired of the present government and are in dire need of a change to change the “change” already in place, and in anticipation are awaiting the persons who would declare their intentions to run for...

There Will Always Be Followers 0

There Will Always Be Followers

So over time I’ve come to a conclusion that there will always be followers. Based on the recent happenings on and off this virtual space, right through to the one on one interactions we have as living, breathing human beings, I can confidently state that no matter HOW STUPID or...

Democracy Day Rants 0

Democracy Day Rants

So today is May 29th and as a nation, we are celebrating #DemocracyDay but then there are mixed feelings. The politicians and their employees seem to be the only people CELEBRATING the democracy. Why won’t they?