Find Your Why

The most important question you must learn to ask is WHY. Asking WHY will save you from a lot of troubles; it saves you from assumptions, it saves you from confusions, it helps keep you in check, it encourages you, it reminds you why you started out on that journey, it helps you make clearer and better decisions, it spurs you

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Mark Zuckerberg on Purpose

Mark Zuckerberg   The name Mark Zuckerberg is a name billions of people have talked about and have come to know because of his invention – Facebook. There are billions of people on Facebook, who are connecting with other people in the world. This would not have been possible if Mark Zuckerberg did

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Dream Stoppers and Dream Pausers

So on my way to work this morning, I witnessed a very interesting scene and immediately my mind began her usual processing and she came up with stuff.

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I woke up early and in the wee hours of this day, this word kept screaming out loud in my head while my fingers itched. So here I am penning. Contentment is being whole heartedly satisfied with what you have at the moment, even though you know you could have more. It is that state