Mark Zuckerberg on Purpose

The name Mark Zuckerberg is a name billions of people have talked about and have come to know because of his invention – Facebook.

There are billions of people on facebook, who are connecting with other people in the world. This would not have been possible if Mark Zuckerberg did not build the site.

Mark Zuckerberg is Facebook Founder and CEO, he  delivers the commencement address at the Alumni Exercises at Harvard’s 366th commencement exercises on May 25, 2017 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Before moving facebook to Paolo Alto, CA, Mark was a student at Harvard where he studied Computer science. This week, he visited Harvard and went to his dorm room and streamed LIVE from there.

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I woke up early and in the wee hours of this day, this word kept screaming out loud in my head while my fingers itched. So here I am penning.

Contentment is being whole heartedly satisfied with what you have at the moment, even though you know you could have more.
It is that state of mental maturity that many a humans find difficult to cultivate simply because we just have that thing in us that wants more. More and more.

At the different stages that we are in, there are things we have achieved and acquired that when we got them, we were super excited about them and felt the world roll at our feet, BUT as time ticked on, and we happened upon someone’s achievement might look like what we haven’t gotten and what we so desperately need to have and achieve, at such a time, we become irritated with what we already and begin to DESIRE in envy that which is another’s.

Contentment frees our head from UNHEALTHY JEALOUSY and UNNECESSARY ENVY.

Contentment is accepting where you are, knowing you are going somewhere and that’s it’s just a matter of time before you move up on the ladder of success and achieve.

Many times, when we are not contented with what we have, it is SIMPLY because we feel INADEQUATE and INCOMPLETE.

At other times, it isnjust because we are COMPARING ourselves with someone else. We forget that our journey and theirs are different and timed differently.

We will never be contented when we have a sense of ENTITLEMENT. Having the mindset that we DESERVE all the good things of life.

We display our lack of contentment because we FEEL that we should have passed this stage that we are in.

Discovering the purpose for your life helps you put a lot of things into perspective. It widens your eyes to the realities of your life and the truth of your PERSONAL JOURNEY.

Be contented in whatever you have.
Be contented with all you have acquired. Even when you have yourveyes for more.

Being contented helps you not to have a haughty eyes.
It keeps GREED far from you.

“It is a contented heart that will be made fat”.