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Random Thoughts About Moses

I'm reading about Moses and wondering if I could have had the temerity to go back and forth with God had it been me. Biko kwa, my answer would have been,'Yes Lord, use me, any which way; use me' Would that have been willingness or fear not to offend the most high? Biko a maro'm

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Random thoughts on suicide

Today we are greeted with the death of a final student of UNN who hung him and many seen to be arguing as to if he freely hung or if he was killed by someone else, all of the argument is meaningless if we do not go back to our own lives and ponder in

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It really annoys me when I see ladies who are praying for a husband and yet they know nothing about themselves, their environment or the world in general. To me, an educated person is one who has a little knowledge of so many things. You hide behind the cloak of being a Christian. If you

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On Love and Love Alone

Love. The word indeed is deep and sometimes confusing and overwhelming. Love. To me it's all about infusing God's kinda love onto every aspect of life of life. Though it's difficult to do so but since love is my watchwords, I try to love as commanded. Whether a person deserves or not Love. I wrap

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Social Media and friendship

It is called social media and I heard that a lot of people have had more bad experiences than good experiences. I don't know who to blame for their experiences- them or the social media? Via the social media a lot of friendship bonds have been created. These bonds surprisingly have also been tested just

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