Random thoughts on suicide

Today we are greeted with the death of a final student of UNN who hung him and many seen to be arguing as to if he freely hung or if he was killed by someone else, all of the argument is meaningless if we do not go back to our own lives and ponder in retrospect and pick up lenses to view our tomorrow so we would see what we ain’t doing right today.
Some even go as far as saying the boy is stupid.

Truth be told, there is a tendency of each and every one of us ending our life journey after, if or when we go through those life challenges that we go through and because sharing with some people makes no difference, we resort to facing them alone and at a point, we get to a point of no return. We get to the point where we say, we can’t do it anymore.

If as a young graduate or undergraduate who has siblings younger than you are and who are looking up to you for their next meal and clothing, and looking at you, you have not been able to feed yourself, and things keep getting tighter and harder, you will agree with me that you may resent life and living but maybe your resentment hasn’t gotten to the point where you contemplated suicide.

If you are a spouse who has not been able to provide for his or family and you feel that weight on your neck, you will at some point resent the life you are living and often wonder what you are still doing alive or not doing right.

You may even be that one who doesn’t hurt a fly or who would do nothing to hurt anyone, but then life happens, people hurt your really badly and you fall into that booth of depression and true be told, the recession faced by many is not helping matters.

You may just be managing to scale through each day as it comes, but then at some juncture, you experience mishaps and disappointments and wonder why you have to go through it all.

So you see we all have that tendency of falling into a depressive state which if proper care isn’t taken, we may tilt towards suicide…
But then, you are here, alive, reading this; you may be there, holding on. Do not for any reason sound high and mighty as though, you are suicide proof. Just thank God.
There is no hard and fast rule or the one ring fits all escape plan that each and every one of us will wear that will give us full proof from all the issues of life.

People are going through stuff, people are hurting, people are dying daily even before you hear of their death, people are bleeding, crying, yet some have been able to grow thick skins and with bloodshot eyes face life squarely.

There is ONE truth many of us have not come to understand, which is, LIFE IS A SERIES OF UPS AND DOWNS, and our attitude towards each stage of either the ups and downs is what counts. But because we were not properly trained in problem handling, they seem to overwhelm us.

We are still shocked to the bones, when we face all we face at stage, we still hurt tremendously when we face these challenges, and it is not totally wrong that we feel and hurt as we do. And then, we just stop living.
Then we make decisions, based on hurt, based on pain, based on unforgiveness, based on fear, based on people are saying, have said and will say. Then we seek savoury explanations that will justify our indecision, and fear. We think of why one and one must amount to two before we dive.

And sometimes, we become so boxed in these our line of thoughts and arrived conclusions that we refuse to live, we refuse to do all we should do, we just because we.

We have just ONE life. Just ONE.
Live it worthwhile. Live it with purpose.


It really annoys me when I see ladies who are praying for a husband and yet they know nothing about themselves, their environment or the world in general.

To me, an educated person is one who has a little knowledge of so many things.

You hide behind the cloak of being a Christian.
If you say you are a Christian and the only knowledge you need is that of Christianity and not some other vital knowledge that may seem unchristain to you.

It so annoys me when such ladies cannot engage in a ten minute discourse, not because they are reserved people but because they have no idea of what you are talking about whenever a conversation erupts.

The bible is the book of wisdom but there are some other books that have been written to broaden your knowledge on various aspects of human life.

Also, we agree that the media is tilting more to the negative side, that does not mean there are no positive knowledge to grab from the media.
You can use the media just as you want it to work for you.

You can learn.
I repeat, you can learn via the media you so detest.
Why am I hitting it so hard on the media, for crying out loud, you own a mobile phone- an internet enabled phone.
What da heck do you do with it if you can’t use it to develop yourself.

Then again, you say you were not opportuned to attend a university. Whoever said you MUST attend a university to be knowledgeable.

”To whom brain is given, sense is expected”.

The fact that you are still alive is an indication that your brain is still active.
You have to consciously work the brain.
You have consciously plunge into the well of experience and gather more and more knowledge just so you will stay relevant in the world.

I pity the mister right who will turn mister wrong when he marries you and he realises you are shallow and when he begins to complain as to why you are that shallow; you’d say he is a nag.

You’d call him all sorts of name and in the end, you’d label him ‘a mistake’, meanwhile, you are the mistake because you didn’t do all you were supposed to do when you were single.

Your single days are meant to be your years of development. Your single days were meant to be your years of learning new things, acquiring new skills, dumping old habits and taking conscious steps to being the better you God created.

Stop resenting your singlehood.
God is helping you but you should also help yourself.

Your singlehood is not a curse. Marriage is not COMPULSORY. You have to get to the level where you are content whether married or single.
Come to a point where your life will not be put on hold JUST BECAUSE you are not married.

It annoys me when I see sisters who are shallow as my uncle would call them.
Yes, I agree everyone is ignorant in certain fields but if your own ignorance is above 50%, there is a problem.

These sisters are the reason most men think every lady is shallow.

Dear sisters, when God pronounced his blessing upon his creations, he blessed both man and woman, I wonder why you think it is only the man that was given the dominion mandate.

Get up from your bed of laziness and make use of the potentials in you.

At least, you should be able to differentiate black from grey and pink from purple.

I rest my case, on a sad note though.

On Love and Love Alone


The word indeed is deep and sometimes confusing and overwhelming.


To me it’s all about infusing God’s kinda love onto every aspect of life of life.

Though it’s difficult to do so but since love is my watchwords, I try to love as commanded. Whether a person deserves or not

I wrap myself around love so much till love also decided to wrap itself around me. Now I just smell of it without stress.

Totally selfless is wayyyyyyy difficult
But we are humans

Totally selfless is perfect which we are striving to attain.

So we try our bit of selfless and still expect someone else to be selfless with their own heart and love.
Truth is, we often find ourselves unconsciously wanting them to love us back or at least reciprocate a little bit of what we have given.

We are humans and the fallen nature in us will not let this perfection be.


Some human beings even take your love for granted. They see that you have a heart to love selflessly, then they begin hurting you intentionally and when you react, they would blackmail you and say, shebi you have been preaching selfless love.

They forget you are human too with blood and water running in your veins.

And it happens mostly in relationships between opposite sexes.

We as humans are naturally selfish. But many people have tried or trying to reduce their level of selfishness so as to make room for selfless loving but they are discouraged when instead of loving, they receive the direct opposite of what they are giving

“Well, its okay to be discouraged but, to stop giving that love wouldn’t be right, right?”

It won’t be right to stop giving the love but there are instances you have to withdraw and love those people from a distance.

We don’t have to be inside their life and be loving them while they are trying to suffocate you to death.

Love but know when to draw the line and love from a distance. But everyone deserves to be loved not because they did something to deserve it but because we are Christians and Christ commanded us to love.


So, remind yourself every day that it’s all about God.

Ask for his grace to love the unlovable.
Sometimes you may fall, ask him to forgive, remind Him you are human.

There is a vacuum in our lives that love alone can fill. God’s love and human love.
We would not be able to survive without them both.

Some people may disagree, fine.

Some pretend they do not need humans, rather they channel their affection an devotion to other things like inanimate objects, some to other living things other than humans.

Some on work, whatever. True satisfaction is never achieved. No matter how much they pretend.