Rant: Hard, Bitter

While you sit at the other end of the phone and gasping in awe when you stumble upon a picture of someone posted on facebook, I need you to do some things.

While you are in awe and wondering how God could create a human being so spotless and with such perfect beauty, I need you to pause, take a deep breath and come back to this post and gather morale.

I have noticed that some ladies especially torture themselves to massive hatred when they see a seemingly too beautiful picture of another lady and they begin to harras God and hate on themselves for not being so beautiful.

My dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, while I agree some people are really beautiful, there are some obvious beauties that are beauty-shopped or photo-shopped beauties.

What do I mean?
There are so many picture editing applications and this apps play a major role in making some not-so-fine-pictures all-too-fine.

This apps are wonderful creations of humans.
This apps help enhance beauty.

As a dear sister and friend, I can assist you by giving you names of some of these special cameras and special picture editing apps.

They include:
Camera 360
Beauty Plus
and even the normal phone camera.

All these and many more are some of the picture enhancers we have today.

That is one part of it.
The other part of it is one very obvious one but you may have been pushing it aside is the aspect of make up or maker over as the case maybe.

People, both male and female have mastered the art of making up so as to look ravishing.
Some go the extra mile of looking ravishingly confusing.

You understand what I mean abi?

So while you are getting so worked up and desperate and wanting to look as good as the other person you saw their picture, remember, you are first unique as you are.

Pause sometimes in front of the mirror, nude.
Look at yourself and love ALL you see.

Love your tiny nose, your big eyes, your elongated ears, your bigger or smaller than normal lips, your long or shortened legs, your hands, your head, your curves of straight cuts,
your endowment or little endowments.
Whatever it is, love you for who you are first before you can begin radiating and oozing out that irresistible aura.

If you don’t love you, why should I love you?
If you don’t carry yourself with grace, while I respect you?

Often times, if you don’t love yourself, no matter how many picture editors you use, you will still not look good to yourself and to the general public.

So you see, sometimes it is the picture that makes these persons extra beautiful, it is the lavish loving they are loving themselves and the loving they attract that makes the pictures extra beautiful- edited or not. Made up or natural.


Some Guys Though

I respect every guy I know.
Especially those guys who have taken extra time to improve themselves for themselves, for the world and for their spouses or would-be spouses.
I doff my hat for every man out there who have fought the good fight of faith of being a man in this our world.

I understand it’s not an easy something. This sisters of mine are not making it easy for you guys. Receive grace.

But then…

There are a group of men who I don’t know what to say about them and the truth is, they sincerely do not know they need help.
They make certain statements that are limiting yet they do not know their words are the chains that are holding them down to a particular spot.

Okay, let’s talk.

It all started one Friday, I sat ‘jejely‘ and quietly in a certain spot where I often sit. A guy walks up to me and says hi.
I respond.
He compliments my looks and also made me know he has been ‘noticing’ me in my calm demeanor and seemingly humble disposition.

I smile and say thank you.

He tells me his name after asking for mine. I tell him.

He was polite and we got talking, after all we share one thing in common which led to us exchanging phone numbers.

Next day he calls and pleads to take me out on Sunday after worship service, I agree.

While at lunch, he began and I sat mouth agape till he finished. I thanked him and politely declined.

Ate in almost complete silence, and them we bid each other silent good byes.

He kept putting in words, still I declined.

Months down the line, he kept pressuring me, I kept my cool and politely declined giving my reasons still.

Well, he calls, checks up on me and asks after his rival who beat him to the game. What game abeg?

He promises to take me to lunch.

We went ooooo but my dear brothers and sisters, though the meal was sumptuous and appetizing, I lost my appetite as he constantly kept talking and his talk were expository. He was exposing his sides I never even thought he would possess.

My sisters, if at all I wanted to give the brother a chance, his words as I munched the meal killed any little consideration I would have had in my mind or heart.

I’m sure your amebotic ears are itching to hear.

He reminded me he loves me and that he still feels something deep for me, he goes ahead to say he has studied me and seen qualities of the kind of wife he would love to be married to.

I smile and remind him of my previous response and status which has not changed.

Well, he continued talking because I made him talk. I asked questions, hoping to listen to how his mind works, I was disappointed.

The conversation got to a point and he said, based on where he is now,

there is nothing I or any other woman can offer him or do for him.


I heard myself scream, and you want to get married? I asked.

Then the conversation takes a new turn,

Then he says, he gives loves so as to gain marriage.


This time I rolled my eyes.

He said, he does not need to know me to marry me.

He says, every girl he meets and likes, he goes out rightly to ask them for marriage before even building friendship. This 21st century?


He said, ladies are wicked.

Na so, I open mouth dey look am.

I was eating jeje, he began nagging.
What was the cause of the nag, that me Maureen I was molding small small eba and not packing the soup well.


I looked at him, sighed and continued eating.

…then I told him, if he was been tested by me to see if he will scale through that he has just failed the tests.

Respect! Respect!! Respect!!!

We are busy complaining about how the standard of education is falling.

We have overlooked a very important aspect of our africanization. We see it as a norm therefore, we do not complain about it. I will rant oooo.

Have you noticed that the culture of respect in our nation has dwindled drastically.
While the standard of education is falling, the standard for/of respect has fallen totally.

I can make bold to say it has gone into extinction.

While growing up, you dare not see an older person and walk past him or her without opening that gutter of your’s to greet.

I remember how much effort our parents put in making sure we mastered the art of salutation/greeting. You dare not forget it or your mouth will be spanked with the nearest possible object.

Today, I see children walk past elders and bother not to greet then let it be that they did not answer or respond.

Today, I see even older people who have thrown all the lessons they learnt on respect to the dogs.

Times have really changed.
If you are to embark on the journey of correcting and imbibing the spirit of discipline on children, how many will you teach?

Do you also know that some parents even scold you for attempting to teach their children how to greet?
They say you are trying to say, they are not doing a good job in their parenting role.
They will even tell you(single person) to go and marry, then you can begin thinking of childbirth before even thinking of teaching the child how to greet.

They will tell you, ”ehhh, leave them jor, they are kids, they would learn when they grow”.

I ask, when will they learn?
Who will they learn from?

If they do not learn it now that they are easier to bend, is it when they have become full fledged adults that you’d attempting bending them.

Why am I even bothered sef?
I am bothered because, I have looked into the future of the these young generation and I have seen that if something is not done, my generation will be blamed.

And do you know the most annoying of it all, they will say everybody in my generation contributed to the menace.
They will forget that some people tried making things different.
Well, anyhow sha!!
I have come to learn that people are so damn good in over generalization.

Who is to blame?
Religious organizations?
Or even the child?