I believe strongly that rape is very spiritual. One trending omission I constantly see when posts about rape and rapists are being made is the fact that we think rapist are usually sane people. It is uncanny to expect a psychologically deranged man who is under the spell of evil to desist from raping people.

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Letter To My Son About Rapists And Abusers

  Dear Son, I hope this letter meets you while you are still innocent and whole. Forgive the urgency in my voice, I am a mother with tales to tell and woes to fight and I pray evil escapes you, but while I pray, it would be irresponsible of me to leave you unaware of

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Letter To My Rapist And His Kind

Dear Rapist(s), It’s been two hundred and twenty-nine (229) days since you and your clique broke into my house and acted based upon your juvenile stupidity, naivety, confusion and immaturity, and wow, it has been a journey.

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The Demystify Abuse Campaign Journey So Far

today is 16th of June, 2017.   And today marks seven (7) months after the armed robbery attack that almost crumbled the foundations of my life.   Today marks it seven months since I was left with two options of –   -either letting the FEAR OF STIGMATIZATION push me to being SILENT about MY

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I heard Demeaning Voices

There are limiting voices that come at us from left, right and center, these voices are often demeaning and annoying. These voices are known for making us look inferior, damaged or incomplete to our own selves. These voice would give you a million and one reasons why you cannot. Below is a comment I made

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