Virginity: The Best Gift A lady Gives Her Husband

I believe, It depends on the husband you marry. If you only gift your virginity to a man who appreciates intellectual and emotional maturity more than virginity; that's a round peg in a triangle hole. Las las, know who you are marrying before concluding on what would be the best gift. What's your take?

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Preparing For Marriage

One common trend I have noticed in Nigeria and by Nigerians is the reality that many people never really put in effort in preparing for marriage.   I know the mantra "na when you enter, marriage begin" has been sung so often that we have believed it to be true. But it is half-truth.  

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Church Boys Love To Be In The Friendzone

So with some friends we were gisting about boys and their love for the “friendzone”.   We agreed that some guys are so scared of ladies that they would rather “hover” around ladies like bees over honey and like flies over sweet or dead things as the case may be than open up on their

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Relationships Based On Assumptions

Dear Sisters, Hear my testimony and avoid the mistakes I made, except of course, you would want to have a first hand experience at stupidity, foolishness and pain.

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Say No to Abusive Relationships

Yet again my heart goes out to women in abusive relationships even marriages. Though I do not understand why a person will be in a abusive relationship and still stay in the relationship; suffering and not smiling, but some suffering and smiling, but I guess, they do not recognize it is abusive. The genesis and

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