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Social Capital and The Future of Work

Do you believe social capital is the future of work?  In a post, we talked about how social media has killed many people while that may be true, we believe there are positive outcomes. Written by Zainab Haruna  Social capital theory - the idea that social networks built from relationships regulated by love, trust, knowledge etc can be converted

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Today is Tuesday, barely three days ago, being Saturday, you must have heard or read of the wedding of that classmate of yours that looked like she was the last person in this world to get married, and boom, she is wearing a diamond ring, and you take a look at your fingers, no ring,


Dear Generation Woke

One of the super powers we have to develop and desire as a generation, both blessed and cursed with social media should desire to have, own or possess is THE ABILITY TO DETEST, HATE, FIGHT OR USE DEMEANING WORDS AGAINST ANOTHER BASED ON OUR OWN REASONS, FINDINGS AND ENCOUNTERS. We are a generation that loves

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The beautiful thing about creativity is, you can attack it from various angles. You can be an expert in the arts, in music, in sculptor, in calligraphy, in web design, in social media, in dance, in teaching, in writing, medicine and in all the fields, vocation and profession. You have to look at you and


SOCIAL MEDIA: an untapped sector of our economy

​You walk the streets and you see almost everybody armed with an internet enabled phone, perusing through the various forms of social media apps that have found their way to our hearts. I hear tales of unemployment and hardship as I saunter through my daily hustle and these tales come from mostly folks who are

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