Abuse Is Not An Option

Dear Tiger,
Good day. How fareth thou?

today I am angry. Angry at what the world is turning into. Angry at what many are advocating to be right. Angry at how many gullible women will believe this bullcrap and still choose to be with a man who abuses her.

Credits: Google

Credits: Google

Tiger Mi, I’m grateful to God that abuse is not tied to your loins and does not flow in your DNA but any day, anybody tries to hang it over your neck as a beautiful neck piece, you have to decide ON YOUR OWN to run for your dear life.
That person wants to ruin your life and lead you faster towards your death -both physically and all other -allies.

If they say standing firm to be at the receiving end of abuse is what makes me a TRUE AFRICAN WOMAN, See on this particular case, I refuse to be a real black woman, I choose the fakest of all the fakes. I CHOOSE TO BE ANY OTHER COLOUR THAT ABHORS AND FIGHTS AGAINST ABUSE.

Dear Tiger, do you know that men like this are roaming the streets of the world, thus we have to start early to teach our daughters the need to be wary of such men and also train our sons to steer clear from this path that leads headlong into destruction.

Mine, the job and responbililty ahead of us is massive, so you see why we will not take chances in training our children neither are we leaving them to be trained by any other person outside of me and you – not even our parents.

Since it was me and you alone that hit the sheets when the royal rumble that birthed those children took place, therefore the responsibility to show them the right path is laid massively on me and you. I’m sure you knew this before you came to say the “let’s change world together”, lines.

Ehen, back to me and you, I am a good wife and will always be a good wife, I am submissive to you and will always be when I know you are not leading me astray but one thing that my goodness will be accept is you EVER raising your hands to prove your MANHOOD. mba!fb_img_1475544116759

Even my submissiveness will not submit to that one. Remember me and you are equal stakeholders in the beautiful marriage we are building, we are partners in love and partners in the frontiers of the empires we want to build, any day you attempt to think of abuse, always remember that men too can be abuse and the tendency to abuse a fellow human being is in every one of us, just that some of us have chosen not to be abusers.

Here again, I reiterate my unflinching and unquestionable love for you.
Thank you for loving me too.

Yours Always

Dear Tiger – Mental Stimulation

Dear Tiger (Duke of Maureenham)

Hello, how are you? I was wondering if after these long silence, you’d like to read, from my heart’s store? Of course, you would.
Hope you are doing okay? I miss you.

Mine, it is quite irking to write you this letter because I have been noticing something that is begnning to cripple my believe in so many people.

I have noticed that so many who claim sophistication are down right shallow. Shallow as in shallow.
Shallow as in walking up and down with shallowness shining through their big big English. Dear Tiger, I can’t comprehend how people cope being in a relationship with someone that they are both not on the same intellectual pursuit.

I wonder how long a boo and his bae will stay together in a room for twenty-four hours and for twenty hours, they would be discussing nothing but who didn’t greet them the previous day, who didn’t give them rice at the last wedding they went to, who is envying their new shoe, new hair, new whatever.

They would talk about who is now dating who, who is wearing what and who isn’t wearing what.

Then for another thirty minutes to one hour, they might hit the bed and scatter the beautifully arranged bed covers and fill the room with sweet empty moans and screams. For another three hours, they would both hold their individual phones and surf the internet, not to pursue knowledge but to wile away time with what will not add value to their lives. For the last one hour, they would just look clueless and useless to each other and this routine continues for God knows how long.

Dear Tiger, intellectual stimulation is sexy, I know your mind is a beautifully arrayed bed, decorated with sheets of cotton, red in colour and smelling of pure passion. Gosh.

I love to take a walk in your mind, and get lost too. I am confident you would always find me. I love to listen to you speak of the many worlds you have travelled to via the books you have read and the many minds you have sailed into just by encountering a varied number of authors who granted you access to their beautiful madness.

Mine, I can’t imagine a life without you in it, I can’t even try to think of coping with someone other than you and someone less crazier than you have been tested and tasted(insert Emem sipping lipton smiley)to be.

If there is one thing that stands you out among millions, it’s your mind and the way you see the world, and the words you say of how much possibility there can be.

Tiger, this lady is blessed to know you, you are rare, you are awesome, you are weirdly unique, you are a beauty to look upon *winks*.

There is no greater blessing than waking up every glorious dawn lying side by side or cuddled up with you.

You are a perfect definition of what home is and the only option I’d rather have.

I love you every day, as we grow older together.

Yours Always

Dear Tiger: Child Training

Dear Tiger,

How are you, baby.
It’s been a while I wrote you, so here we go.

I know we are still single and some ears will tingle and eyes may twitch upon hearing and seeing what I am about to write/say. Some may outrightly disagree as some have already done and may choose not to buy into this my idea, but the beautiful thing about it is, it is my idea. My policy. My family. My Children. Their opinions don’t matter. Just me and you. We could talk about it and make slight adjustments because me and you are in this together.

Dear Tiger, my growing up was a beautifully written tragedy with comic flavours which led to the peaceful denouement I am experiencing today.
I had my tragic flaws as every hero or heroine do, and believe you me, I didn’t let them lead to my tragic fall, rather it led to my comic rise, as a result I came up with these principles. I lived through them and came out strong. I am imposing what I didn’t do to my beautiful children, I believe that if I went through them and came out strong, then they too can.

Here we go.

1. After their secondary education, there is a high possibility of them securing a job or a business to enable them earn meagre incomes as against just jumping into the four walls of a university.

I want them to at least have an experience as to what jobs are like and what it takes to earn a wage for themselves. I believe it will help them develop a sense of responsibility earlier on in life. And trust me, it will give them an edge over their peers who will be spoonfed by their parents for their every and any need.

The mindset is not for them to get acquainted with money but for them to learn management skills by having a sense of responsibility.
Of course, their salaries, wages or incomes will be theirs for the keeping. I ain’t touching it.

2. As they grow to a certain age, it would be expedient for them to develop, learn or acquire at least one skill, which will not be limited to white collar jobs.

The times are changing and if we don’t prepare our children for the life ahead, they would curse us for not being good parents, even though we may have given them all the money in the world.
Skills are taking over white collar jobs and we never know how the future will be if those coat-and-tie jobs will be fazed out thereby leaving them to ekk a living with the works of their hands.

3. They have develop a reading culture early in life.
The need to read voraciously cannot be over emphasized. They have to KNOW (emphasis on know) that the mind is always hungry and if not fed, shrinks and dies literarily thereby giving off worrisome stench of stark illiteracy.

So they have to read. And read. And read more.
I feel pity plus action which is compassion for people who don’t read.

4. As they go into the four walls of a university, we would constantly remind them of the need of gaining independence just as our great country did. So as they conclude their university education, all road no longer lead to our home but they would begin their own lives as matured and responsible adults of value.

5. They would need to knooooow the place of loving and giving. This knowledge will be instilled in them right from children.
We will set gooooood examples for them and pray they follow graciously.

I rest my case and my eyes for the night.
Remember, I love you. Like no one else can ever love you.

Yours Always