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Abuse Is Not An Option

Dear Tiger, Good day. How fareth thou? today I am angry. Angry at what the world is turning into. Angry at what many are advocating to be right. Angry at how many gullible women will believe this bullcrap and still choose to be with a man who abuses her. Credits: Google Tiger Mi,

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Dear Tiger – Mental Stimulation

Dear Tiger (Duke of Maureenham) Hello, how are you? I was wondering if after these long silence, you'd like to read, from my heart's store? Of course, you would. Hope you are doing okay? I miss you. Mine, it is quite irking to write you this letter because I have been noticing something that is

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Dear Tiger: Child Training

Dear Tiger, How are you, baby. It's been a while I wrote you, so here we go. I know we are still single and some ears will tingle and eyes may twitch upon hearing and seeing what I am about to write/say. Some may outrightly disagree as some have already done and may choose not

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Dear Tiger : on flamboyant wedding

Dear Tiger, I am a lady in this 21st century but... If you have plans of a flamboyant wedding ceremony, you better begin to reconsider. If you have friends and families, that you have to prove to that you too can do big wedding, then your mindset is still very much messed up. You need

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Dear Tiger – Money Matters

Dear Tiger, How do you do? I pray the good Lord keep keeping you in good health. May He prosper you in every angle and may the blessings be trippled when we cross paths. Tonight I sit beneath the tutelage of wisdom as I humbly learn of how best I can contribute to making us

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