My Words To Oprah Winfrey

Dearest Oprah,

This letter should have come earlier than now, but for constant procrastination and lazy excuse of a busy life, but today the urge came stronger than ever and I pushed myself off the bed and began punching my keypad smoothly and rapidly.  You may encounter slight typographical errors or bad spellings as you read on, but forgive the fast “pacedness” of my mind and blame it on the slowness of my fingers to catch up. Continue reading

Say No to Abusive Relationships

Yet again my heart goes out to women in abusive relationships even marriages.

Though I do not understand why a person will be in a abusive relationship and still stay in the relationship; suffering and not smiling, but some suffering and smiling, but I guess, they do not recognize it is abusive.

The genesis and origin of some of these wahala is usually the foundation of the relationships. Continue reading