My Female Genital Mutilation Story

Photo credit: Google Have you heard of Female Genital Mutilation? In my light years when girls began puberty, there was this uproar in class which started as a result of an argument from one of the pupils whose mother was a nurse over circumcision. As little as we were, we discussed issues like

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Do You Know Your Vagina

Do you know your vagina? What it looks like? When it’s sick or healthy? I’m pretty sure if there should be a vagina photo shoot and ladies are asked to identify or point out which ones are theirs, they wouldn’t.

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You Are A Woman, So What?

See, it will be rather demeaning that the only description that comes with your name is, "... this is Maureen, the wife of Mr. So and so and so". I don't know the joy that comes from such. I was born an individual first before I got joined to anybody via holy matrimony. So why

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Struggles of a 21st Century Woman

Struggles? Do you know there are struggles that are synonymous with womanhood in this 21st century? Let's highlight a few of these struggles. It is not easy being a lady growing up in the era. I am sure it used to be much easier during the era of our parents and grandparents. There are so

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Becoming a Godly Woman- 3

We have been on a series, Becoming a godly woman and today we shall be looking at a second woman, She is.. MARY- She is a young lady just like very many of us in our generation, she was said to be betrothed to Joseph. It was said of her that she was a virgin.

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