Menstrual Cramp Solutions

Menstrual cramps seem to be one of many things women in common. This monthly visitor that comes boldly to inflict pain, discomfort, and unease on suspecting and unsuspecting ladies had me writhing in pains a couple of days ago. While engaged in a chat with a friend I decided to make a post asking the

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On Pastors And Abuse

While I agree that there are many pastors who are selfish and self centered with no iota of care, concern and compassion for their members and for the general well being of the world at large, I still know a few who are the direct opposite of those described.   I know some who would

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Women and Marriage

He began by asking me why I used initials of my name and my surname as a logo. I thought I had infringed someone’s copyright. His concerns were elsewhere. Did I intend to keep my name unchanged when I eventually found my husband? I could only imagine how important the subject of marriage was for

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Of Wife and Mistress Fight

There are some things I may never be able to comprehend in this life that I am living. Yesterday while surfing the internet, instagram to be precise, I stumbled upon a shot video clip of a two ladies - one a wife, the other a mistress who both bumped into each other in a hospital

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