Our Words Are Deadlier

photocredit: http://kenyanmusik.co.ke/blog/words-and-guns-by-njeri-wangari/

We are grateful for the invention as earth shaking and earth building as social media.

I am sure you are grateful too.
But as happy and as grateful as we are, there are some of us who resort to misusing this tool, as such we end up causing not just bodily harm, but mental, psychological and emotional harm and damage to humans and to the world via these platforms, albeit ignorantly.

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Align Your Words Properly

It is not like we don’t deserve the good things we are praying to have.
Truth is, we deserve it and even more but we have a way of delaying our answers.
Sometimes we do not even know that we are the reason behind the delays, yet we keep binding and casting.

I can’t deny that there are some forces that are fighting tooth and nail so we won’t get our answers as at when due us,
these forces delay them so we would become depressed and then despair. These forces cannot outrightly stop our
answers from getting to us.

How do you contribute to the delay?

You have prayed. You have fasted. You have positioned yourself strategically for the answers you seek but you have not
aligned your words to work paripasu with other areas.

Our words are powerful. They can make or mar us. We speak life, we speak death.
While we await our answers, while we exercise faith, while we are expectant; let us also try to align our words properly.

Talk it, Believe it, Act it

#‎Climbs‬ podium.
‪#‎Collects‬ mic,

Good morning to a sweet, loving and wonderful family.

I am awake. That means am closer to where I want to be.
If you believe, nod your head.
‪#‎Nods‬ head.

Okay, today am talking on TALKING, BELIEVING and ACTING.
Enjoy the ride as you read.

E ku simi.

‘The Blessing of Abraham is mine’, you can choose to personalise it if you so wish.
We as believers are expected to say what the bible said. We are expected to say it, believe it and act like we have already received it.

Talk is cheap.
That’s what a lot say and think. Yes, talk is cheap. Any talk is cheap.

Talk is expensive.
Why do I say so?
Words are powerful. They are mar or make someone. If you choose to use your words in a way that they’ll mar your life – my dear, that is an expensive joke.
Talk is expensive; it really depends on what you are saying to yourself.

Words could be cheap.
Words could be expensive.
Choose ye this day which you shall choose.

Talking is a mouth condition.
Believing is a heart condition.
Acting is a life condition.

Believe is another big assignment for us as humans even for some very religious folks.
There is no way you can separate religion from believe -they go pari pasu.
We are to believe what we have read which has become what we have talked back to ourselves and also to the hearing of the one who said we should speak His words to Him – and watch to see if He won’t fulfill it.

Believing is a heart condition. It is not a mouth condition. It is with the heart that man believes.
Start today by believing what you have read in God’s word and see it come through as you give it life by saying it.
Believe is necessary.

Acting like you already own it is not an offense.
You have prayed for it by speaking it.
You believe it in your heart that it will be as you said and as God wills it.
All you need do is see yourself above that situation.
Act like the situation is already taken total care of because you know it is in the hands of your Maker.

Talking is a mouth condition.
Believing is a heart condition.
Acting is a life condition.