Fear of Money

So something happened and I googled the fear of money and happened upon a word I have never encountered and which I find fascinating. The fear of money is Chromatophobia Why do I think it is awkward for people to fear money? Well, there are reasons. Do you know anyone who has chromatophobia? Will you marry

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Our Words Are Deadlier

photocredit: http://kenyanmusik.co.ke/blog/words-and-guns-by-njeri-wangari/ We are grateful for the invention as earth shaking and earth building as social media. I am sure you are grateful too.   But as happy and as grateful as we are, there are some of us who resort to misusing this tool, as such we end up causing not just

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Align Your Words Properly

It is not like we don't deserve the good things we are praying to have. Truth is, we deserve it and even more but we have a way of delaying our answers. Sometimes we do not even know that we are the reason behind the delays, yet we keep binding and casting. I can't deny

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Talk it, Believe it, Act it

#‎Climbs‬ podium. ‪#‎Collects‬ mic, ‪#‎Smiles‬. Good morning to a sweet, loving and wonderful family. I am awake. That means am closer to where I want to be. If you believe, nod your head. ‪#‎Nods‬ head. Okay, today am talking on TALKING, BELIEVING and ACTING. Enjoy the ride as you read. E ku simi. 'The Blessing

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I Am

I am the pen that speaks of a million love in a hate filled world in an era clogged with unshed pain. I am the pen that speaks million words in a wordless world where we groom warring groups bearing unsheated pistols marching towards a capricious end. I am the pen that wipes your tear

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