SOCIAL MEDIA: an untapped sector of our economy

​You walk the streets and you see almost everybody armed with an internet enabled phone, perusing through the various forms of social media apps that have found their way to our hearts. I hear tales of unemployment and hardship as I saunter through my daily hustle and these tales come from mostly folks who are

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What Is Your Purpose

What is the reason why we live? Many ask this question, in fact. Millions have asked, but only few have gotten the answer to the essence of their existence. In basic biologic terms, if purpose is mere procreation and passing our genes to the next generation, then the essence of purpose isn’t worth exploring, but

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BLOGGING: what no one tells you

This isn't the regular 'hard-to-digest' blogging article. You know what I mean, the stringing of technical words to confuse the newbie; overhype of something a 7-year old can understand and the other blahs. This is me with the straight-no-gimmicks face. I want you to know what's up. The tides changed gears and suddenly, everyone wants

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This paper provides an indept review of the prevailing controversy among environmental determinist and possibilists,and searches the linkage among them. The issue of environmental determinism and Possibilism is still being debated for more than a century. This paper tries to analyse it differently, look for gaps and makes an interface. Determinist argue that "man is


Importance Of Vocational Training In Our Secondary Schools

Definition of vocational training: Vocational training is defined as a training that emphasizes skills and knowledge for a particular work or trade. It includes a diverse range of occupations such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, make up artistry, tailoring, catering, entertainment, media etc. A recent survey has shown that by 2020, the center of education and

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