SOCIAL MEDIA: an untapped sector of our economy

​You walk the streets and you see almost everybody armed with an internet enabled phone, perusing through the various forms of social media apps that have found their way to our hearts.

I hear tales of unemployment and hardship as I saunter through my daily hustle and these tales come from mostly folks who are ever willing to flaunt their expensive gadgets to assure themselves that they are in the know.

On this lecture, I would take you through the money spinning ideas you can make off various social media apps.  Continue reading

What Is Your Purpose

textgram_1468001373What is the reason why we live? Many ask this question, in fact. Millions have asked, but only few have gotten the answer to the essence of their existence. In basic biologic terms, if purpose is mere procreation and passing our genes to the next generation,
then the essence of purpose isn’t worth exploring, but the truth is that we as humans have a much bigger task beyond mere procreation. So what is purpose?

Purpose as defined by the English dictionary is an object to be reached; a target; an aim; a goal; a result that is to be reached. Purpose is an act of intending to do something; the point of an issue. The reason for which something is done, or the reason it is done in a particular way.

So what is our reason for living on earth? To fulfill the works of He who sent us, God,
towards mankind? To be a respectable human to ourselves? That which makes us wake up every morning and leave us pondering on, as we retire to our beds. That is what makes us responsible not only to people around us, but to ourselves to become a better person everyday, every time.

Purpose would be seen as a resolution in your heart to answer a problem you can’t see but you know is present. Note that your purpose can never be negative. Why? Any of mankind’s purpose that doesn’t agree with adding value, fruitfulness, increase and nourishment to wherever he/she finds himself isn’t in accordance with the Bible. Gen 1:28.
How we can discover our purpose….
1. Talents
2. Interest
3. Divine Inspiration
4. Friends and relatives hinting at what we are good at

Once we’ve discovered our purpose, what do we do with it?
We go out there and use it for the benefit of mankind and to glorify God.


Oluwalana Oluwasegun the erstwhile president of Nigeria economics student association, Osun state university. He is a final year student of the prestigious economics department.
When he isn’t writing inspiring articles or giving motivational speeches, he is busy thinking of how Nigeria can be great. He iss an avid fan of the “Game of thrones” series, with a passion for Arsenal football club.

You can reach him at
or on facebook at Oluwalana Oluwasegun Folu or on
Twitter @Folumoses.

BLOGGING: what no one tells you


This isn’t the regular ‘hard-to-digest’ blogging article. You know what I mean, the stringing of technical words to confuse the newbie ; overhype of something a 7-year old can understand and the other blahs. This is me with the straight-no-gimmicks face. I want you to know what’s up.

The tides changed gears and suddenly, everyone wants to become a blogger. I know that pouty face. I ain’t for judging, I am for truth.

I am Esther Adeniyi and this is my fifth year of blogging.

1. Blogging isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme
No blogger made cents the first week. Yeah, right. It is a thorough Internet ‘sontin’. I am invariably saying that it is not for the faint hearted.

2. No investment, no success
That ‘somborri’ that told you that you need no dime to get a dime in blogging lied to you. If you aren’t buing a domain, you are buying your blog template or paying for traffic (Facebook is actually crazy, in a bad way) or etc.

3. ‘Aproko’ blogging is only a niche
I am a little bit vexed if all you think of blogging is gossip. Cat bloggers, personal bloggers, family bloggers, relationship bloggers all do blogging. Now that you know, when I tell you that I am blogger, ask of my niche, thank you. You can be a ‘I hate shit’ blogger!

4. Blogging can pay your bills
Jon Morrow is the classic example of bloggers whose life mission is to debunk the idea that blogging cannot be your only job. Now, listen. Hardwork, persistence, resilience are important. Nobody gets rich overnight. Actually, nobody.

.The other stuff no one told you – I have closed down my current blog twice only to reopen the next day. Yes, it is addictive. Serious blogging is addictive.

Who is Esther Adeniyi?

Esther Adeniyi is a graduate of Chemistry from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. She is currently on her Masters in Organic chemistry. She hates pears with passion, will kill for rain and accept a proposal with a purple rose. When she isn’t in the laboratory, she is on her blog.

You can also find her on Facebook as Esther Adeniyi.