On Self Righteousness on the part of Christians.

the matter tire person ooooo. Them tell me say since I wear trouser, make up, get boyfriend, fix weave on…say I dey go hell, except I lepent.

What they practice is not Christianity but religion. And they are blinded by self righteousness,
they forget the great command.
They forget that Jesus spent more time with the people avoided by the world.
They also forget their own life was a mess till someone came telling them about Christ.
They forget it is God that draws us to himself through the holy spirit.
They think it’s by and with their effort that they are so.

They isolate themselves and think they are sanctified.

God help us.

Let Love Lead.
Love the sinner but hate the sin, that through your love, many will be drawn to Christ.

Don’t tell me more of hell but more of the love of God and the kingdom of God that radiates peace even in a turmoil-filled world.