Have you listened to people whose age have gone very far talk? They talk like children. Hian.
Sometimes when I listen to words that come out from their mouth I wonder how they carried on from their childhood through their teenage years and how they lived in their early adult age.

You know that feeling you get when you listen to a self acclaimed wise man and you’d want to tell him he is wrong but because of respect for his gray hairs and gray beards you remain mute and shake your head inside your mind and pity the person from your heart.
Some aged people can yarn off beat and the most annoying part of it all is when they ask you if you know how old they are. Then they would give you that old adage that says ‘what an old man sees while sitting, a child can’t see even while standing, abeg help me tell them that this generation is blessed by God to know wisdom and apply all the knowledge we’ve come to know.

You are old and so?
Does that give you the leverage to blab untrue words?
Have you encountered men of gray hair who behave like children, they are ready to brew quarrels, ready to exchange blows and even ready to undress in a bit to showcase their fighting prowess. Kai.

When will men of grey begin to act matured. We used to think that, the older a man gets, the wiser he becomes but with recent happenings, the reverse is the case for many of them.
I pray and hope that this unhealthy trend gives way.
I know some very old people with amazing sense of humour.
I know some amazing grayed people with wisdom emitting from their steps and from the words that pop out of their fingers.

I know some amazing aged and grayed people who teach you how to be a better person merely by the examples they set for you.
With them around, I know old age is not a curse. I believe gray hair is a blessing.
I love gray hair. I need gray hair.