“I am shocked and surprised that you didn’t hear of my wedding. You are not to blame though, I remember you told me about the poor NEPA condition in the area where you and your husband reside.

I remember, you said you were on your way to pay for a new house in GRA and that you want to keep it as a surprise , you didn’t want your husband to know till you have concluded the payment and furnishing. I am shocked, you never moved.

Well, my wedding was all over social media, Tv, Radio and even on CNN.

I got married last week Wednesday. In the evening, so as to limit cost.

Don’t worry we are now in the same level of settled women.

When is the next meeting scheduled, I shall be in attendance. Oh, my husband would come with me. So I will introduce him properly”.

That evening she called to tell me of the date, time and venue of the next meeting. I thanked her and asked after her husband, “he traveled on a one month business trip” , she said.
“Oh, okay. My regards to him”, I said.
We exchanged further pleasantries and talked on a whole new level as ‘settled women’.

Two weeks later.
The D-day for the meeting was here and I was all eager to show off my handsome husband to these set of women who once treated me as dung.

I woke up gingered and told my husband, I had a surprise for him. I made him take a quick shower and an even quicker breakfast and soon we were headed out to the airport. I had booked our flights earlier.

He had no idea of where we were headed but we were basking in the euphoria of our new found love and our fresh marriage, so he never queried me. He only giggled once in a while reminding me of his endless and undying love for me, I loved him too. We are still eating our honey from the moon and enjoying every bit of it.

This morning, he looked extra handsome in his blue denim, white TM Lewin shirt and red sneaker carefully handpicked by me for this occasion. I was dressed in matching attire and we glowed together.
Soon we were walking out of the plane hand in hand. One of those airport cabs halted before us and we entered. I told him of our destination.

Arriving at the hotel, we got to the reception and I asked for my key. I had made reservation for us at the hotel. We were in our room, a beautifully furnished room with a king sized bed.

I put a call across to my friend to confirm their arrival and convening. “We are gathered, where are you ? ”

“Let’s go to the hotel’s bar and restaurant”, I said to my husband.

Still clad in our matching outfits, we opened the door and lifting up my eyes, I saw a group of women sitting round a long table. They were about twenty in number and had come in from far and wide.

We walked closer when I saw my friend beckoning on me.

“This is my husband” , I said upon arriving at the table.

The sight of alarm written all over my friend’s face was priceless.

My dear husband was also her dearly beloved husband.

I knew.