We saw him running, his black uniform freely gave him away as a policeman. He held his gun firmly to his side as he ran, panting, sweating and focused.
I became scared and curious too, the saliva became hard to swallow, before I knew it, my breathing increased in twos then in threes and soon I lost count as my eyes caught a glimpse of people running after the man in black.

There was loud husky shouts from the men in the crowd and uncordinated babyish screams from the ladies. We continued running, forward ever, backward never.

I was all sweaty now and wished I had allowed that guy with incredile six packs to carry me when he offered, but no, I was too stubborn and the feminist in me came alive and roared like an angry and starved lion.

The man in black, our lead runner stopped, flagged down a keke napep and got in.

“I don dey run since dey pursue you, I wan reach the next junction”.