IMG_20160719_211146I sat by my window listening to him whisper all the whisperings he had to whisper to this lady sitting comfortably in his room, very close to his window.
I could see her smile and look of admiration as each word dropped off his mouth and as his brows rose and fell each time. She laughed every now and then and with each fresh laughter, came a tightening in my bowels. For what reasons, I couldn't fathom.

Bayo moved into our neighbourhood few weeks ago, he had strong biceps and obviously matured bones. His room was close to mine, we were window neighbours, and have remained so for four weeks, three days, five hours, twenty-two minutes and five seconds. Oops, I've been counting. Steadfastly.

He had the Michael-Ealy-kind-of-eyes and his skin shone like Idris-Elba's, his sturdy voice always exhibits it power in breaking down the walls built up over the years when I dusted my gloves and boots for man-drama.

Yesterday, I eavesdropped on his chatty session with someone presumably a friend or relative and as icing to a cake, so his sense of humor was to my already beating heart. Perfect. Touche.

As I heard her giggle, I felt a pang of pain pierce through me. My palms itched and soon became damp from holding on to my window pane. I looked away but taking one last glance, I saw her hair was bouncy and curly. I wished I was her. I wished I was giggling to Bayo's every speech. I wondered far, trying to guess what he could be saying and why she was laughing so shamelessly.

Then, I heard a sharp scream, my hair stood, my toes curled, and my lips quickly dried up.

Oh, what nerve she had, I thought to myself when I thought I heard moans. I could see her silky hair no more, the blinds were now down and my vision impaired.

"It should be me", I said angrily, writhing in pleasure on my sofa as I sat, gathering composure.

I heard it again. The moan. This time, I just felt it in my bones that he was a "killer" and I so desired to be killed by this one.

I crawled to my cold bed, got entwined in the embrace of my sheets and drifted off to the land of pleasure.

The blaring sounds of siren woke me up. Peering through window blinds, I saw my dear Bayo, cuffed and led into the police car.
Few seconds later, a body lying on a stretcher was carried into an ambulance standing by.