I would have said in Africa, but since I have not been to any of the African countries, except for Nigeria, let me respect myself and start my sentence with the country I’ve known all my life: Nigeria.

In Nigeria, one of the traditions we have as shackles is the culture that as a woman YOU MUST NEVER LEAVE ALONE OR ON YOUR OWN.
You must live in your parent’s house and from there, you would move straight to your husband’s house.
This mindset and way of raising a child is one of the greatest disservice anyone will do you or their adult child in this age and time.

I’ll tell you why?

When you live on your own, there are a lot of lessons you learn and one you’d scarcely learn if you are in the comfort of your parent’s house.

There is a certain level of responsibility that comes upon you when you live alone. When you have to feed yourself, clothe yourself and also ultimately pay your rent, you’d be motivated into becoming responsible, else hunger will finish you, nakedness will be your portion and landlord will come knocking.

Management Skills:
You see this one is very critical. When you live on your own, you will learn how to ensure waste is not a part of your life. You will master the expertise of home management. Trust me, I have been pummeled into mastering this skill and it has become relevant in other areas of my life.

Laziness is dealt with easier:

You see that laziness that comes upon you when you have other people around, yeah, that one… When you live alone and you are the chief maid in your house, you will mount up wings and soar over every spirit of laziness that may come upon you.

Cleanliness is a learned virtue:

You see this habit of cleanliness that is like torture to you, and dirtiness that becomes an easy attribute for you when you are not saddled with the responsibility of cleaning.

When you have someone doing all the work for you, you will discover that laziness is subtle and comes upon you like a dreaded disease.

With this few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you, not confuse you, that it is good for a single lady to own and live in an apartment all alone, before she ventures into any man’s house.