The evening was cool, cool for a walk. I love taking strolls to the park to clear off my head from the day’s activities and to breathe in freshness as I wallow in the richness of nature while listening to the tweeting of birds. Nature is simply beautiful at this hour and time and I absorb richly in her embrace.

The big Oak tree was my place of rest, a place of serenity and a place to get lost in creation, savouring its beauty while blessing the creator of His craft. The golden setting sun was my favourite watch; I would stare straight into this blinding great ball of light as it sleeps for the day giving way to the other. Each understood purpose and they served well with their lights without interference.

Darkness was slowly seeping in, calling many to its presence as he makes creatures (both) great and small end or begins whatever exercise they might be engaged in from that hour. His presence was a peaceful calm to some and great trouble to others yet none could escape his grip, surely, come he must for the father has made it so. And he moved quickly much too soon as I lost track of time sitting in the park, the stillness of the environs made me leave leading me paths home.

I crossed the ever busy double lane highway to the other side leading North and into several corners, the unlevelled road with scattered trees thickly accompanied with tall bushes which were a perfect lay for ambushes. I, in particular, was not in a sort of haste home, so unlikely of me, as I walked strangely calm each step swayed my rotund buttocks, it was a funny kind of tread yet I enjoyed it. One last bend before reaching my house, the last track to the finish line, just one. In darkness my eyes became powerful vested with an eerie feel, I felt lightning in them and they searched vastly for a lost thing, it was and felt entirely strange to me. While my eyes did the search my hand itched for a weapon, something, anything I could hold as I knew this movement wasn’t ordinary. It has been triggered.

‘pl-please sir, I beg of you. Pl-… let me go, I beg you..i..am… uncle’.

‘shh. Who be your uncle?..


If you like scream nobody go hear youmy friend shut up

Keep quiet or else I go kill you for here.

Cooperate and I go leave you‘.

I heard the voices as I came close to a man pants down with his aroused long john dangling ready for action. It was sudden, all of it, I can’t narrate how I did it but I did. I did it.

I carried the girl into my arms supporting her weight with my right arm while the left held my dripping ‘trophy’ daring anyone who dared as we made way to my house. To the safety of my nest like a mother bird.


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