Female Genital Mutilation

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Have you heard of Female Genital Mutilation?

In my light years when girls began puberty, there was this uproar in class which started as a result of an argument from one of the pupils whose mother was a nurse over circumcision. As little as we were, we discussed issues like this in class and information was widely spread by children whose parents were in the medical field, I would listen from my sitting position to girls chatter because I was such a very quiet child who never liked trouble or looked for any.
In this gist, I heard how, let’s call her Victoria, Victoria told members of the house she was circumcised. She announced it proudly that she was among the ‘chosen Israelites‘ who obeyed God faithfully and those who weren’t, were the Gentiles – the lost sheep. To her, her mother preached the importance of female circumcision and advised some of us to go do ours if we haven’t to be among the ‘elect’.
Panic was visible in my heart as I didn’t want to miss out on being among God’s favourite or not benefit from the numerous blessings as described by Victoria. Home it was, I was going to question mom about MY circumcision and tell her to have me circumcised if I wasn’t…(the foolishness of a child indeed abound in my little heart).

‘Mom’, I called when I saw she was fully rested from her day’s troubles ‘did you circumcise me?’ I asked with hopes in my eyes.
‘No I didn’t. I saw no need in that and it was of no use so I didn’t bother. I felt it was going to hurt your ‘privy’ so much…I didn’t want you to undergo such heavy bleeding. I couldn’t stomach it’. Mother gave me her reason.
‘Ahh mommy why na? Why didn’t you circumcise me? Why?.Why?.Why?…’ I wailed.
My mom was shocked to see me cry profusely while begging her to circumcise me to make up for lost time; to be God’s child. I was beaten atop my tears to shut me up with her echoes of  ‘keep shut osiso‘ (quickly)
A few years ago, I carried out a little curious research on Female Circumcision now known as Female Genital Mutilation. I went aghast at the reasons for such rite.
In my heart, I was grateful to mom for not carrying out such sacrifice on me as I preferred the ‘lost sheep’ to the ‘chosen elect’, I, therefore, felt sorry for Victoria and feel sorry for many who go through this knife.
What is FGM?.
Female Genital Mutilation

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Traditionally called Female Circumcision is the removal – complete or partial – of the Female’s genitalia (inner labia/clitoris ) in an attempt to control the woman’s sexuality.
Some cultures perform this to purify the girl child, others a rite of passage which MUST be done when she reaches puberty else she won’t be ‘socially accepted’ (Wayfarer, Fafa Nutskpo). This barbaric culture has endangered the sexual life of the woman which in a way ‘curbed’ her promiscuity.
The major function of the labia is sexual stimulation which has several sensitive nerve endings connected to the vagina. The clitoris help to put the woman in the mood as it prepares her for ‘action’… Imagine a woman without those, she feels no sensation, nor vibration, nor reaches orgasm and is sexually dissatisfied. This dissatisfaction pushes her to promiscuity a.k.a ‘whoredom’. With the cessation of the clitoris, the woman is exposed to vast dangers like difficulty in urination, infections, inability to get pregnant, complications during childbirth, inability to clot bleeding which might result to death etc.
The horrors painted about the absence of this little organ should not be experienced by any female.
Awareness is been created to eradicate this fetishism, but it’s not enough, people need more enlightenment on the disadvantages of these activities. It SHOULD be added to the educational curriculum, spoken of in hospitals, taught in churches, and sex should be discussed.
Both sexes need to know about the vital organs of the body and be taught to guard them jealously not tampered with. Our body is our temple, it should be reverenced not desecrated by men who made rules with such outlandish custom.
 What’s your female genital mutilation story?