Today is Tuesday, barely three days ago, being Saturday, you must have heard or read of the wedding of that classmate of yours that looked like she was the last person in this world to get married, and boom, she is wearing a diamond ring, and you take a look at your fingers, no ring, not even a rubber ring.


You look up, you look down, then you begin to question yourself, asking yourself why your case is different and why your own mister right is delaying.

You fall into mild depression when you begin to see pictures of their wedding on Bellanaija and on all wedding gist blogs in Nigeria.



Putting your arms on your chest, you scream like typical Yoruba men and women when their shock absolver has been damaged; the guy she married was your eye-candy, someone you have been loving on from afar all through your university days but because woman must not approach a man, you stayed in your lane, not even a small “hello”, “hi” or “your shirt is fine and it fits perfectly”.


You sink into full force depression when you hear that he even bought her a car as a wedding gift. My sister, life can be funny.

The introduction of social media, though it has made our lives more interesting and somewhat easier, it has also become the reason why many of us are depressed, we resort to killing ourselves over what the other person wore to the party or the food picture they uploaded and captioned “chilling with bae at Sheraton”, the new car the drive, or the new hairstyle and stilettos they just ordered from Jumia or Amazon.

I agree with whoever said, “INSTAGRAM is the highest promoter of jealousy”.

You spend your money to purchase a phone, then you go on to subscribe with your hard earned money and then you download an app that will push you over the wall, and because you are unwise, you jump over the cliff just to show that you too can afford an Uber ride, a Vera Wang studded dress, a Christian_Louboutin pearl shoes and the latest iPhone, meanwhile you know your father and your mother is like mine, still trying to ensure we eat at least three square meals a day.

Social media is a tool when used by the wise can yield positive results, but when misused by the foolish, can kill.

Who are you? The wise or the fool?

Are you death or very alive?