Amarachi Attamah

Amarachi Attamah

I have come to know Amarachi Attamah as an epitome of the hardcore Igbo woman. She won my heart the first time I watched her performance and then again at the Port Harcourt Literary Society open mic night and literary evening when she was one of our guests and has since then become someone I admire and respect.

She stole the heart of everyone, I am sure with her deep vocals, her oratory, and her rare poetry performance technique, though usually done in Igbo language, those who couldn’t understand the language were carried along with her facial expressions, her body gestures and her poise.

Just recently she released a poetic video documentary telling the Biafra story. I have watched it and I have a lot to say.

Amarachi Attamah BỊAFỤRỤ

Amarachi Attamah BỊAFỤRỤ

I visited Youtube and was held spellbound for 12 minutes 50 seconds as I watched in awe, in pain, and in wonder, the testimonies of those who witnessed and fought and lost loved ones during the war. The clips had me shaking like a leaf, and saw me praying against any form of civil, military or any form of war that could break out.

They shared of those lost, the hunger, the pain, the suffering and the evils of war. I had read them in books, I had seen clips in movies, but then this was different for me,

Amarachi, with her deep Nsukka dialect, and blend of proverbs, idioms, and wise sayings reached deep into our hearts as she spoke of yesterday’s pain, yesterday’s loss and of today’s hope, of victory, of life, and also of survival and life after the war.

This is an awesome piece of art and it deserves to be included in the school curriculum, so it can be studied. And be used as a reminder that war, though tempting and a form of power play it is evil and it’s also known for ravaging the land.

Though the past is the past, it is still very fresh in the hearts of many and I could see in the faces of the survivors interviewed.

I could hear it in what they were not saying.

I could see the effect the war had in them and it was as though I was a part of it. No nation deserves war.

Let’s give peace, unity and love a chance.
You can watch it too and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Amarachi Attamah

Amarachi Attamah

Amarachi Attamah is a culture advocate, a Creative Entrepreneur, a Performing Poet, a Broadcaster,  an Author, an Igbo poetry coach, and a Lover.

She is the Executive Director at Nwadioramma Concept