While going through my facebook newsfeed, I came across a post by Ify Aronu
It reads,
“Subsidy for condoms at less than N100 while there’s absolutely no relief on sanitary pads sold for as much as N400 Partly why many see having girl children as a burden.
Have we ordered our priorities right as it is?”
An average menstrual cycle requires a lady to use up two packs of a sanitary pad or more (for heavy flow).
In an average sanitary pack, there are ten (10) pads.
We grew up hearing a lady is expected to change the used and soaked pads at least an average of three (3) times a day.
But experience and hygiene classes have shown us that three times a day is unhealthy and unhygienic. It has to be more. Some persons use as much as five pads a day on the average.
An average menstrual cycle lasts for four days.
Let’s do the maths together.
That is 5×4=20
One pack contains 10 (some 8)
One pack costs (average) N400x2=N800
800×12= N9600
The question is, how many Nigerian families have been opportune to have access to the minimum wage, let alone apportion N9,600  yearly for one female child’s sanitary concern.
How do you suggest we make our plea known?