We hate Nigeria with everything we’ve got, or maybe with some. Our actions time and time again have proven how much we hate the country we call home, Nigeria.


To justify our hate, we can comfortably sit on the side of the fence that allows us to complain, nag and rant about how the nation has done nothing for us as her citizens. Is it justifiable? Maybe.

We often pay lip service to Nigeria every 1st October as we “celebrate” her independence from colonial rule; we adorn green and white attires, paint our faces green and white, use green and white wool or weaves to plait our hair and update our dps and avis with the Nigerian flag, coat of arms or whatever makes us feel like Nigerians. And after the 24-hour craze, we fall back to our permanent state of hate for the nation.

It always amazes me when I see people who prayed long live Nigeria on the 1st, cuss out the same country on the 2nd.

It also amazes me how we relinquish the responsibility of nation building to “politicians”.

It occurred to me how the majority who wish Nigeria was better, only wished their individual lives were better. Little wonder you see them run amok trying to save, embezzle, loot and hide wealth for 24 generations to come.

The sad reality we are faced with is, Nigeria will not get better when we become a beneficiary of charity from United Nations.

Nigeria will not get better if we only leave it for those occupying political positions.

Nigeria will only get better if you, me and every one of us decides to serve Nigeria in our own way.

We will get better if and when we have a dream or vision of what our ideal Nigeria should be.


As a nation, do we have a National Dream?

Do we have a dream at the heart of every citizen of the nation?

Does our hearts beat the same way towards our Nation?

Does what ail Nigeria ail you?

Are you doing something about the state of affairs of the nation?

What is our Nigerian dream? I mean a dream that we are striving as a people to ensure we accomplish.

We say we are UNITED? In what? We say we have FAITH? In what exactly? How about PEACE? Are we in peace? And PROGRESS? Can we proudly say we are making progress as a nation? Or do we just say these things because we can utter them?

The individualistic mindset of Nigerians is part of the reason why we are still where we are as a nation. Till we realize how what one person does affects the other, we may not go far.

True, WE HAVE LOST HOPE IN NIGERIA, and the few who still have hope are looked upon as crazy because there is not one base on which their hope is founded upon, but for their BELIEVE.

As a Nigeria, do you believe Nigeria will be better?

What is the definition of better for us as a Nation?

What is the Nigerian dream?

Does your individual dream benefit the nation in any way?