Akan ImohWritten by Akan Imoh

Earlier this year, I stumbled on the concept called ‘The 7 Pillars of Society’. I studied about it and learned a great deal. This is something you need to read and apply to your life. I swear.

They are seven of them:
1. Faith/Religion
2. Politics/Governance
3. Media & Entertainment
4. Business
5. Arts & Culture
6. Sports
7. Education

Connect to any of these seven, and begin to see a massive explosion. You’ll just blow. Lolz. Any big name you know, you can trace the person to one or more of these pillars. For some people, they want to operate in more than one. That’s why a Tonye Cole, who’s a major head in the business pillar is planning to contest elections in Rivers. He wants political power. Same for Otedola too.

Never forget three things that rule this earth:

For the Adeleke’s family, Davido is a big asset. If not for Davido, his father would have just been another billionaire somewhere we don’t know about. So, his father might have operated in the business pillar, but, the son used another pillar to add a new dimension to the mix – Media & Entertainment. Another family member is operating in the Politics pillar. Three major pillars in one family.

I saw Davido campaigning for his uncle in Osun and I just said to myself, this dude is gradually metamorphosing into a politician. Don’t forget, you might have wealth, but, influence will bring you a wider audience. That’s the angle Davido is playing for his family.

Another Case Study is Otedola and his darling daughter – Cuppy. I have already said it that if Otedola decides to contest an election, he could easily gain victory. Lots of sympathy votes will swing towards him. He’s a dang fine man. Sugar daddy material. Lolz. His daughter is bringing another dimension to the empire through Media & Entertainment. Now, save this post, you’ll need it in a few years time, especially my next line.  I see Otedola starting up a massive Record Label very soon.

Let me tell you what their rich families are doing. They are taking up strategic positions in strategic places and industries. They are setting themselves up as gatekeepers of certain industries. They know these pillars, and they are linking up.

One lesson you should learn from this post is that the entertainment industry is no longer a joke. The influence that comes from there is massive. Peter Okoye’s son is already dancing in his videos. AY’s daughter is playing the piano at his shows. Mercy Aigbe’s daughter just started a makeup line, and the mom is solidly behind her. Please, if your kids want to sing or dance or entertain, please support them, please.

I saw a joke this morning. It said ‘if PDP wins in Osun State, APC will go and sign Wizkid sharp-sharp.

Good morning and have a blessed Monday!
Be Strategic! Be Prayerful!
We Move!