My concern towards large church auditoriums in Nigeria is growing in leaps and bounds as new massive auditoriums are dedicated and more been built.

To be clear, I am not in contention with the buildings as much as I am with the worshippers who gather in said churches, and sometimes the Preachers too for certain negligence and insufficient explanation and clarification as it regards the kingdom of God, which they represent.

As a matter of fact, I commend the churches, their founders, pastors or head for towing the path of King Solomon and building a house for the Lord. And the congregation.

However, my concern is the seeming lukewarmness, tepidity,
the lackadaisical and non-committal attitude of worshippers and church members towards the “main assignment“, and the reason for our faith.

I worry that we can become too comfortable in our fancy church buildings, our fancy clothes and our fancy phones where our bibles are installed.

I worry that we may become too comfortable to be culture shapers, difference makers and kingdom builders as Jesus Christ, the One whose name we pledge we are affiliated to purposed before the beginning of time.

This could be attributed to a lot of factors.

  1. Ignorance
  2. Personal Comfort
  3. Selfishness
  4. Misplaced Enthusiasm
  5. Gross Indifference
  6. Lack of proper training
  7. Insufficient explanation of the assignment

The world is in dire need of saving. Evil grows daily. Man’s inhumanity to fellow man is the new world order.

If we say we are Christians and on an assignment to manifest the Kingdom of God thereby causing a positive shift, then we need to wake up, get up and manifest.