Written by Penocrat Ayomide Ugonna

God is not a Democrat. He’s an Autocrat.

One prayer I prayed in 2015, in the exam hall:
“Lord, have mercy on me. I know say I don jonze.”

My friend laughed. She was like; “what nonsense? Shey I was waking you up to read, you were sleeping like a fool. Now you don jam question, fear don dey catch you.”

I wrote what I could and exited the hall. Results came out, and I aced the course. Magic!

My friend had a D. Till graduation, she accused me of paying off the lecturer behind her back. Lol. She dunno(in Olamide’s voice)😂

I told her God’s mercy came through. She laughed. Mercy ko, grace ni.

Thing is, we underrate God’s mercy a lot. Everytime, we pray for God’s grace and favor, but we only remember to seek his mercy when we want to confess our sins.

For some of us, na curse we dey use am curse sef. It is only when someone pisses us off that we scream, “May God have mercy on you” on our offenders.😂

Most of us don’t even know the difference between grace and mercy. We use them interchangeably because we feel they are the same.

But They Are Not.

The Bible says the grace of God abound to ALL men, but it didn’t say the mercies of God abounds to all men.

Mercy is unique. Very different.

The grace of God abounds to all men, but God will “show mercy on WHOM he will show mercy.”

Simply put, Mercy is the outright display of God’s partiality. It is God’s bonanza. Nor be for everybody.

You can be a fitness junkie and one funny illness will just show up and kill you dead, but I might be an epicurean and would never know a hospital bed, till I grow old and die.
You might fast and pray for two weeks for something, and I might not need to even pray a minute, before God gives me that same thing.

Look, people carry grace.
Pastors/priests carry grace.
But nobody carries mercy. Nobody.

God is the sole custodian of mercy, and he uses it how he pleases. He does shakara with it. If e pain you, fry iceblock.

One thing about God’s mercy, you don’t need to be qualified or smart for it. You don’t even need to be holy. You could be the worst person in the world, it still doesn’t count.
It doesn’t matter if you read your book from cover to cover or you read nothing at all for your exams. It doesn’t matter if everyone has more qualification and work experience than you at that interview.
In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian or not.

When God decides to play the mercy card, he overlooks everything that makes you unqualified, and qualifies you himself.

Bottom line: Stop restricting God’s mercies to just the forgiveness of sins. It has many sides. Healing, protection, blessing, provision, even judgement. It is an emergency exit from ANY wahala.

In 2019, base your prayers more on God’s mercies. Every chance you get, tell him to have mercy on you. You’d be amazed at the outcome.

Goodnight fam.🙏