Written by Ejiofor Jeanne-Natasha

A good number of people pride themselves on being able to hold their urine for hours on end – some for as long as eight hours. 😖😖
What most of you do not know is that, constantly holding urine in when pressed, is bad for your health.

First, let’s see how the bladder works.

Urine moves from the kidneys through the ureters, down to the bladder.
This happens one to six times per three minutes.
When the bladder is about 300-400 ml full, micturition reflex (the urge to urinate) occurs.
You can decide to ignore it in unconducive environments.
But at 500ml, you really should not hold urine in.

A lot of things happen between the filling of the bladder and micturition reflex – they’ll bore y’all. 😆😆

Now, fast forward to the bad bad things which can happen to people who habitually keep urine in.

  • You could get urinary tract infections.
    Holding urine in for long periods of time, can make bacteria which find their way into the urinary tract, to multiply and cause UTIs.
    People who have a history of UTIs already are apparently more at risk.

-You could end up with a weak bladder.
When you continually hold urine in, with time, your bladder will get affected.
The walls of the bladder are muscular, so they stretch – think a ballon.
As the bladder fills up, it expands to accommodate more urine.
Now, over-stretching it would cause it to become weak, overtime.
When this happens, and gets so serious that you cannot control urine, you might even require a catheter. 💁

-You could get kidney stones.
Urine contains water, waste and minerals like uric acid, creatinine, potassium, calcium, et.al.
If you have high amounts of minerals in your urine and you do not pass them out often, they can crystallize and form stones – kidney stones.
Fucking painful kidney stones, that could increase in size,become too big to pass through the urethra and thus, require surgery to be gotten out.

  • You could damage your pelvic floor muscles.
    Walahi, you do not want this to happen to you.
    You really do not.

-You could get your kidneys infected.
Urine can find its way back to the kidneys and cause infection or serious damage.

The things we take for granted.

Pain is the most common effect.
We’ve all felt that, I suppose.
It happens because as the bladder expands, its muscles clench to hold urine in.
You don’t expect them to be happy after staying clenched for that long.

See ehn, you might argue that you’ve been holding urine in for the past twenty years and nothing spoil.
However, I put it to you that if you continue, your story will change in the next twenty years.
No jokes.

You mustn’t urinate immediately the urge comes.
However, do not wait till you become uncomfortable or till your lower abdomen begins to hurt.
Unless it’s absolutely impossible(like if the hole has been sewn shut 🙄,) try to void urine every three to four hours.
It is okay to urinate up to seven times daily, especially if your fluid intake is high.



Fun fact: The muscle of the bladder walls is called the detrusor muscle.

Peace! ✌