I remember the day my foundation was laid, as the diggers with sharp metals dug into the earth with their tools I later learned were called shovels.

My owner, B burst into tears and it made me uncomfortable, I thought my arrival was supposed to make her happy. I was so disturbed that I quaked, then I realized I had lost my cool.

I still remember the workers asking each other if they just witnessed anything. They all said No. I don’t know it was sheer humanoids fear or their lackadaisical attitude towards little details that made them say no.
Back to my B, she muttered some words under her breath, though I was beneath her; I couldn’t make them out. Soon, she wiped her face with a white square shaped piece of clothing. Commending the digger for work well down, she turned around and hailed a bike.
It’s been six years since I was built and I have become accustomed to the humanoid’s methodology of living, although very inconsistent; I’ve grown to love and admire them. But, I am convinced I wouldn’t want to be one of them.

I’ve seen them cry after talking to an imaginary person via small devices they called mobile phones. It seems they all have a minor case of hallucination.

I’ve heard them whisper “I’m already on my way” when I could still see them sitting, their big bold eyes glued to a massive screen they hung to a side of me.

I’ve seen them do things to each other resulting in giggles while hidden beneath the sheets.

I’ve seen a humanoid with a flat stomach move in and in a matter of time, she develops a rare disease called pregnancy. A state where her stomach protrudes and keeps protruding.

I’ve seen more humanoids come and go. In their trickles and in their large numbers.

I’ve heard and also seen them scream my roof down in a bid to exercise their right to fair hearing.

I can’t help but wonder, I have never been occupied by just one humanoid.
Are humanoids such relational beings that living alone scares the living hell out of them?

Or are they simply obeying nature’s command, “Never become an island?
What’s an island?