UC Ateli

I’m reading about Moses and wondering if I could have had the temerity to go back and forth with God had it been me.

Biko kwa, my answer would have been,’Yes Lord, use me, any which way; use me’

Would that have been willingness or fear not to offend the most high?

Biko a maro’m

Finally sha, our boy had a treasure chest marked, “101 reasons you can’t send me biko

The Bible even says,’ God got angry with Moses’😄😄

I don’t know o,  but unku Moses was sha a handful. Any wonder the Israelites were a handful too.

It is therefore permissible in my court to infer that only him could’ve done it.
He was so suited for the job.

In the end, the man didn’t like Isreali stress.
Umu Isreal sha,  if they were Nigerians , na to impeach am sure pass.
How dare he tell them not to party? 🤣🤣

I am sure they would have chosen Miriam, she had drive. Aaron was just ermm,  a mouthpiece with hidden ambition and no vision.

Notwithstanding, they might have settled for Elder Aaron, the lesser evil, Matron Miriam was unpredictable and too much of a feminist I think😋😋.

Person wey wake up one day decide say whether na only Moses antenna sharp wella to hear God? I kujad.

Umu Isreal would have thought that dis wan, if she vex, na long scroll she go issue them read 100 times in one day for 40 days.

Forgerrrit, o jare, God pass all of them.
Nonsense and rebellion.

My heart is with our brother Moses, I am awake wondering how Bro. Moses felt not entering the promised land.

Relieved? Regret? Oscillating between the two?

I am hinging on ‘relieved’, because he was free of the drama queens in Isreal and of course; heaven was calling.

I am thinking he must have thought,

“Oohhh, hallelujah! Glory!

Not another day with this troublesome bunch”.

What are your thoughts?