One common trend I have noticed in Nigeria and by Nigerians is the reality that many people never really put in effort in preparing for marriage.
I know the mantra “na when you enter, marriage begin” has been sung so often that we have believed it to be true. But it is half-truth.
Preparations, for both gender, begins when you are still SINGLE, especially if you have made up your mind that you want to be married someday.
Preparation means different things to different people, find out what it means to you.
Traditionally, the only gender that prepares more for marriage is the female gender and many times. these training revolves mainly about the husband:
*How to cook for the husband.
*How to wash for the husband.
*How to sexually please the husband.
*How to worship the husband.
*How to please the husband.
*How to respect the husband.
*How to do this and that for the husband…and the list goes on and all centred around the husband.
And the men are ONLY taught to work and bring in money for the home.
This has proven that it is always a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.
Most times, it is when they have fixed wedding date before some churches “enforce marriage counseling” for intending couples and this counseling lasts at best “3 months”.
It should become important preparation should be taught and encouraged.
I know somebody will come and shout, “BUT OUR MOTHERS…”
My friend, wake up.
Times have changed.
If it has not dawned on you that those times have changed, you need to step back and replay your existence.
Times have changed.
Preparation for marriage has to become compulsory for BOTH GENDERS.